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Welcome to PiMP!

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    PiMP, the Portable Instant Mining Platform, is a Debian-based Linux distribution created specifically for mining cryptocurrency. It contains many tools and scripts to assist with managing your mining rig, such as configuring video cards, connecting to mining pools, running mining software, and configuring and controlling this software.

    To set PiMP up on your rig:

    1. Purchase PiMP OS, 1 Key per Rig
      After checkout, your key will be emailed to you. You can also access your keys by going to your Accounts Page. You can re-download updated versions of the image any time by going to Downloads

    2. Copying Image for Installation
      To install PiMP you’ll need a 16GB or larger SATA SSD drive or HDD hard disk. USB STICKS NO LONGER WORK WITH PIMP. You can also connect to your workstation using a USB dock or USB-SATA adapter (Examples of USB-SATA with SSD), OR connect to SATA directly as a 2nd drive.

    How to Write the PiMP OS Image using Windows
    How to write the PiMP OS Image using Linux or Mac OSX

    1. Set up your motherboards for mining

    2. Entering the Key for the First Boot

    3. Once everything is installed correct, follow this Quickstart Guide.

    Other Important Articles:
    Product Requirements
    Remote access using RDP & VNC
    Command Aliases
    Miner Terminology

    Build Notes:
    GPU Order matters. ALL NVIDIAs before ALL AMDs in the PCI bus. (Closer to the CPU, usually.)
    Put all GPUs on Risers or none of them. Some risers and some not usually causes problems.

    PiMP is distributed as a downloadable image that gets written to a computer Solid State Disk (SSD). This disk image contains a fully customized and turnkey copy of our software tools.

    PiMP Classic v1.8 was released in September 2016 as an update combining the best features of PiMP 1.6 and 1.7.

    PiMP Classic v1.9 and v2.0 were released in December 2016 as an extensive, top-to-bottom rebuild based on the latest mining technology. All PiMP tools are written and compiled by PiMP team and are commercially licensed for use only within PiMP . Poolmanager and many old bash scripts that were deprecated (some even predating cgminer, if you remember the phoenix miner!) have been replaced with shiny new tools that work with the miners of today. After that, 2.1 and 2.2 editions of amd and nvidia were released with necessary image changes to kernel, driver, and system that required imaging.

    Now, current PiMP stands at 2.3 for AMD and NVIDIA. The PiMP 1.9 fglrx GPUs do work with AMD 2.3, but some get better performance on 1.9, so 1.9 is still available for download.

    PiMP is specifically tailored to the needs of new crypto miners, as we believe in the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Please see getpimp.org for more details on what makes PiMP unique.

    Miner.farm is a professionally hosted SaaS program to manage rigs. It allows you to monitor and manage mining farms and rigs using a visual web interface with graphing and alerts. It has a small agent that installs onto any linux-based mining rigs and communicates with mining sofware using their APIs. The client is also built-in to PiMP. Miner.farm is developed, funded and maintained by Portable Instant Mining Platform LLC, a leading crytocurrency software company.

    Basically, whether you have just one rig or a large farm, you should be able to monitor and control it from anywhere. Miner.farm allows this.


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