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How to run the helpme PIMP OS diagnostics remotely from miner.farm

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    You can run the helpme command from within minerfarm's Agent View.

    • First, go to Farm Admin.
    • Click on a rig. It must be green, meaning it is reporting to miner.farm and the agent service is running.
    • Click Run Diagnostics.
    • After a few minutes, if the helpme command completed successfully on the rig, you will see the updated URL in the "Last Diagnostic" on the left side in the Host Hardware Info section.


    If it does not show there, then there was a problem running the helpme on the rig. This is likely due to power or riser, but could be caused by other hardware faults. Things to try in that instance:

    • Reboot Agent Host: this will restart the rig and hopefully clear the fault. This is usually needed if an AMD card faulted and/or is hung/Sick/Dead.
    • SSH into the rig and run helpme manually: this might reveal where it's getting stuck.
    • Use SSH to run other diagnostic tools and/or view logs to reveal the problem.

    If you still can't figure it out, consult the PiMP community here on the forum, or on the real-time Discord chat.


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