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Using Putty to interact with your Rigs using SSH connection

  • Download Putty : https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html

    After downloading, run Putty Configuration 0_1505861810253_f5224d45-3e08-4796-9b80-dc779345ce32-image.png

    In Host Name you must enter the IP of a Rig that is connected to your local network. You can also save your sessions to go faster.

    It's also possible to do it from internet but you need to know your external IP address and to redirect the port 22 of your router on a local IP of a computer.

    But for now one solution that i found is to use another computer to make a Teamviewer connexion and then Putty from that computer. It's only in case something is wrong when i'm not at home... Otherwise miner.farm is enough to manage basic problems when you are not near your rigs.

  • Staff

    Enabling UTF-8 in Putty for irssi

    Startup your putty and go to Translations and from there select UTF-8. If you have already connected to server, you can go into settings also and change Translation the same way.

    Making UTF-8 Default translation

    Before you connect to server, change translation to UTF-8 and save as "Default" connection, choosing that from the list on initial page and clicking save.

  • What is the default password for PIMP ? And how can we change it for the putty connection.

  • Support


    Hello ccordier,

    The default password is "live", and you can change it by running this command "passwd" and enter new password, and enter it new password again to confirm it.


  • Hi . Watt is the ssh root ip to start ?

  • Staff

    Hello @nicolman... The IP address of your machine is given by your router. If you hook up a monitor to your rig, you will be able to find the IP address of your machine. You can also try using IP scanning tools on your phone from the play stores.

    Also, feel free to join us on the PiMP Discord channel for real-time chat.


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