ccminer profit switching possible?

  • For my 5 windows machines I use zpool and ccminer to do auto profit switching and make double what I do with my 2 pimp rigs. I see that pimp has ccminer with individual config files. Has anyone created a mod that monitors profitability and auto switches the miner based on profitability?

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    No but you can use miningpoolhub algo-specific switcher like equihash.

    From the newsletter:


    Autoswitching is something that a lot of new miners ask for. The pro miners know that this seems great but it is not. The pros want you to know that the goal is to keep as many rigs mining as much as possible. Any automatic switching or changing when you manage many rigs causes loss of profit due to downtime. They say: Calculate your profit based on the numbers and don't forget to factor labor costs, payout schedules, etc. in when you are making decisions about your farm.

    That being said brian if today you like ccminer on windows use that. Tomorrow will bring another coin and another calculation.

  • Really appreciate it, and all of the hard work that goes into pimp. SImplicity and stability goes a long way, especially with scale. My rigs running on pimp each run 13 cards which I couldn't even do on windows. Happily using and sticking to pimp :)

  • Thank you I am l am glad you are doing good with PIMP. Please go to if possible and leave this there for the miners to know.


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