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Miner.farm Changelog

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    This changelog lists updates to the Miner.farm Web application (https://miner.farm).
    For PiMP OS Changelog, see https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/4/pimp-os-changelog

    2018-12-08: Years in the making, now available for you: MINER.FARM V3

    • Miner.farm is the mature and secure web based monitoring and management solution for your PIMP OS miners.

    • Built upon proven industry standards and driven by the latest technology, by a team with years of experience in both crypto mining and internet service delivery.

    • MINER.FARM V3 IS FREE for PIMP OS users! As your needs grow you can start a low cost monthly subscription for more features and capacity.

    • Realtime information on every aspect of your operation

    • Secure communications without opening network ports

    • Detailed and selectable graphing with Grafana

    • Miner config library, editor, and remote updater

    • Essential rig control suite for remote management

    • Dark mode for sensitive eyes

    • While MINER.FARM V3 is not yet available for use with other mining systems, clients for popular platforms are on the way!
      In the mean time, if you are not using PIMP OS, the ORIGINAL altcoin mining OS, why not try the best kept secret in mining? All current coins and algos are supported, with the latest miner versions pre-tested before delivery; update your rig with a single command! And with miner.farm you can update remotely from any web browser; whats not to love?


    • Fixed Unable to restart/reboot an agent host from MF3 interface > Miner View.


    • Transfer farm button fixed to allow farm transfer for users with Reseller Role.


    • Miner View > Miner Config changed to show the currently running profile instead of a "Switch and Restart" dropdown/button. Agent view > Agent Commands > Add miner to agent is where you would add profiles.


    • Fixed email alerting to not send emails if email alerts are turned off.
    • Added more description to some Agent View -> Agent Commands items.
    • On Agent View, add new button Halt Agent Host - will shutdown the agent host/rig. (requires pimpup 20190123 or greater)


    • Fixed Devices colors on Dark mode (was hard to read.)

  • Staff


    • Updated account page with download links and added torrent download options
    • Updated account page with simpler subscription button

  • Staff


    • updated miner.farm/account page: download links cleanup and add v2.9.7 links.

  • Staff


    • added gpu compatibility list link, added pimp 2.15, removed pimp versions 2.6 and 2.8.6 download links on account page download section


    • added pimp os changelog to account pages


    • promoted 2.15 from beta to stable/recommended


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