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Monero XMR Stak - need help with setup

  • I cannot seem to get Pimp / xmr stak to mine monero. I updated Pimp I updated xmr stak.

    3201 (amd) xmr-aeonstak by indeedminers: amd: cryptonights [xmr-aeonstak.amd.pcfg]
    3251 (amd) xmr-stak by fireiceuk: amd: cryptonights [xmrstak.amd.pcfg]
    3252 (cpu) xmr-stak by fireiceuk: cpu: cryptonights [xmrstak.cpu.pcfg]

    Here is my config:

    # Monero (XMR) on XMRpool with Local Wallet: Username is YOUR_WALLET.YOUR_WORKER/YOUR_EMAIL) (Set --currency cryp
    tonight_v8 in FLAGS=)
    74 PASS1=x

    I also tried:


    FLAGS=--currency monero -r PimpWorker -p x --openCLVendor AMD

    Any help would be appreciated

  • Staff

    Hello chadsti,

    You listed all both AMD versions of xmr-stak and one of the two CPU versions... so I'm guessing you've got AMD GPU's, but I don't know what kind. Is is safe to assume that you also want to mine on your CPU as well?

    What version of PiMP OS are you running? What GPU's are you trying to mine on? Are you also wanting to mine on your CPU too?

    Please run helpme and post the URL it gives you so I can take a look at your setup.

    Honestly, this question can be better answered on the PiMP Discord channel in real time.
    Jump in there and I or another Support Team member will help you out.


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