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2018-12-19 Coins going back up, rating rigs for power needs, miner.farm3 updates, and more

  • Staff

    Welcome to the Notes for Clubhouse call: Dec-19-2018

    To get to the Call..... Click "Mining Clubhouse!" voice channel in PiMP Discord!

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )


    Brash (remotely via melt)


    Hardware corner

    UK getting crypto-ATM's

    Coin prices

    • Going back up!
    • Double and triple check before turning off your mining rigs: Just because the price is low now, doesn't mean that it will stay that way. If you can "float" your power costs, then should the coin value increase, you'll make back your costs. Bottom line: A rig that doesn't mine, doesn't earn coin - regardless of what the value is/will be.

    Would you be prepared to handle $2,800 BTC? if it breaks through that in a meaningful way, then the next targets are $1,800 and then $800. There is nothing magic about the $1,000 differences... instead we are focused on Fibonacci series and Elliott waves. We do not know the time frame... and the targets are speculative.

    Miners who ran the numbers based on the regular market are doing well. They have a buffer to accept the market cycle.

    Remember when the only miners were truly speculative? We only hoped that the value would go up... and they kept their miners running at a low level... we were truly excited when their crypto went from $.10 to $2.00. So, looking for promising projects seems to be the game now. I see that many projects kept their seed capital in crypto to avoid taxes... this is bad for those projects now... the projects that were funded with hard USD$ will have a better survival rate.

    Mining profits / difficulty

    Diffs are down

    Support concerns

    • Underpower - don't forget to calculate the Mobo/CPU/SSD usually around 100-120W; and always derate to 80% load just like all electrical devices
    • Larger or dual PSU - don't forget server PSUs
    • On switch - or Add2PSU - or a wire jumper (Be very careful!)

    Miner.Farm 3

    • lots of bugfixes and feature improvements being implemented all the time
    • mf3 is a complete rebuild of everything... new backend and frontend servers.... and all new code... new databases and db servers... new ways of querying and graphing that dataY
    • some grafana (graphing engine) updates are planned in a few weeks - still waiting on them to implement some features we requested.
    • our new data processing servers are working smooth as silk and ready for thousands more rigs to join in the next crypto boom!
    • Graphing/display issues are being ironed out. In the meantime, a hard-refresh (Ctl+F5 or Shift+F5) will correct them.
    • reseller info - how should we organize it - and should it be related to pimp referral program?
    • Update: PiMP OS v2.x keys (non-volume) will show the assigned Agent name in the popup window when you click on the key in the table.
    • Darkmode/Lightmode
      -- Dark mode helps those who wear glasses or have other visual or colour difficulties see the screen layout and content better. The concept has been around but the phrase ‘dark mode’ is fairly new.
    • Working on building mining profiles: miner + miner config + gpu-config.json

    PiMP OS updates

    • pimpup - tons of miner updates released every 2 weeks
      -- Miner Dev's are pushing out updates all the time and the PiMP OS Dev Team (w/ the Beta Team) is working to get these out to all the PiMPs as fast as possible.

    • v2.9a is being worked on by the PiMP OS Dev Team
      -- CUDA 10
      -- Newest nVidia & AMD drivers

    • v3.0
      -- Will have new PiMP apps (i.e. pimpup, helpme, gputool, etc...)
      ---- Apps will have a GUI and commandline access, fully scriptable.
      ---- pimpup - Full control over miners, package-based, system config,
      ---- helpme3 - Better interface, more detail, and health checks!
      ---- gputool - Better interface and more details. Easier to edit the 'gpu-config.json'.

    • need to get the pimps to thank the miner devs on their bitcointalk forum post and comment on our thread to bump it

    • phoenixminer is a major improvement over claymore-dual. most important: active dev.




    • gpu-config.json sorting? color coding?

    Wrap Up

    Missed the call? Listen to the podcast at https://soundcloud.com/getpimp/tracks
    Soon will be on itunes, google play, etc.
    Thank you for your support!


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