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Top Known Bugs, Problems, and Questions

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    Top Known Questions

    What is the ssh password? username: root password: live
    How to change root password? passwd
    Miner is already running, how to see? pimp --test 1 or screen -r
    Is there a demo version? No.
    Is my GPU supported? Check https://getpimp.org/shop/pimp and a profitability calculator to see.
    Can I use USB stick? No.
    Can I use non-UEFI mobo? No. UEFI is required for pimp 2.x.
    Can I use nvidia quadro GPU for mining? Usually not profitable.
    Should I mine on my laptop? No. Heat will kill it.
    Can I re-use my pimp key on another rig? The key can be reused, as long as it is only one rig at a time using it. Wait 1 hour between reimage/revalidation attempts.
    My GUI doesn't load. Why? Your onboard GPU is still on, see below.

    Top Known Bugs and Problems

    This list will be updated regularly with the current support trends, similar to a status page, and as a quick link for those who want the quick fixes until the next pimpup or image comes out.

    Cannot validate key on initial boot

    Summary of the bug: Users are reporting trouble with key validation on a new or old key, and the only thing that resolves it is one or many reimages.
    Who it effects: All users imaging from Windows.
    Status of fix: This is a limitation of sector based imaging. Follow steps below.
    Workaround: If You get Max agents added to key? Clear key rig count in Miner.farm Account page. Quick Video: https://youtu.be/awuWbLqT4Pk
    Still problems? re-write SSD, clean eject, and SSH key in: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/268/can-not-validate-license-key/7 and https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/14/entering-the-key-for-the-first-boot

    When I RDP in the resolutions seems stuck on 640x480

    Summary of the bug: No monitor was connected, so it guessed.
    Who it effects: Users with 2.2 or older images.
    Status of fix: Will be delivered in a future pimpup.
    Workaround: Do: /usr/bin/xrandr --fb 1920x1080 will sort the resolution for the RDP client. Doesn't last through a reboot, but you can add the same line into your /root/startup.sh if you like.

    USB ACPI or other error on boot

    Summary of the bug: An error in detecting some USB3 chipsets prevents proper boot to GUI.
    Who it effects: Some users.
    Status of fix: Researching solutions.
    Workaround: User must change USB3 to legacy or turn it off. It is not needed for mining.

    MSI Z170/Z270 cannot run 5+ GPU but runs 4

    Summary of the bug: Manufacturing defect in these boards causes it to display artifacts or not boot to linux when more than 4 GPU are connected.
    Who it effects: Users with these boards.
    Status of fix: No fix.
    Workaround: User must change motherboard.

    Gray cursor appears on screen after motherboard POSTS

    Summary of the bug: Incorrect motherboard settings, UEFI not enabled, or mobo has detected a fault in the connected GPUs and has fallen back to onboard GPU.
    Who it effects: Users who have not configured mobo according to https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/9/setting-up-motherboards-for-mining or more specific guides in forum "Getting started" category.
    Status of fix: User error.
    Workaround: Disable onboard GPU in the BIOS.

    Miner is mining but not showing up on miner.farm

    Summary of the bug: Not a bug, miner API failure or out-of-sync issue.
    Who it effects: Users with hobby-grade miners that have issues with their API or other code (ewbf, claymore, etc)
    Status of fix: Researching coding around this using pimp dev magic.
    Workaround: run pimpup and if that doesn't work, systemctl restart minerfarm or go in the agent console with minerfarm and restart the agent service with o, then x.

    Cannot RDP (error connecting to 5900)

    Summary of the bug: The GUI service stops after you quit RDP and must be restarted.
    Who it effects: Users who use RDP to access the rigs GUI.
    Status of fix: Researching.
    Workaround: systemctl start lightdm && systemctl start --user pimpvnc then RDP in.

    libmicrohttpd.so.10 for xmr-stak

    Summary of the bug: Running xmr-stak shows the error /opt/miners/xmrstak/xmr-stak: error while loading shared libraries: libmicrohttpd.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Who it effects: Users on 2.6 and earlier PiMP OS running newer xmr-stak miner.
    Status of fix: PiMP OS 2.8+ will contain this package.
    Workaround: apt -y install libmicrohttpd-dev

    Other Notes / FAQ:

    " miner has not checked in " means that it is not properly reporting stats to miner.farm agent on the rig. usually you would pimp stop and then start it, or there is not correct api data in the pcfg file, or it was started with pimp --debug

    for archived top known bugs: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/459/archived-previous-top-known-bugs-archive

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    xmrig-cpu libssl error on 2.9.3+

    Summary: error /opt/miners/xmrig-cpu/xmrig-cpu: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Status: PiMP 2.9+ will contain this package.
    Workaround: apt install -y libssl1.1 is the fix
    Reason: They are using a newer version of the ssl library than what originally shipped with ubuntu.


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