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Error : can't find command 'gfxmode' Pimping your Rig. Press any key to continue... on My Asus B250 Expert Mining + 7x MSI RX580 Armor 8Gb

  • Dear Gentlemen, I just purchased Pimp, and run it on my Asus B250 Mining expert + 7x GPU MSI RX580 Armor 8Gb. I always got Error : can't find command 'gfxmode' Pimping your Rig, on every boot. After press any key, and input Pimp license Key, Pimp does not boot to the default GUI and always stuck in middle. Any one face this problem ? please help for solution..thks

  • Hello. It looks like 2.1 version of PiMP. Please try to image last version.

  • @blackice Hello, thks for the response. I already installed version 2.4.1.. but still can't boot properly.

  • i'm too, on the same motherboard((((

  • @andrytantalus @minebrazzas
    What error now? Have you completed all the required BIOS settings? https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/9/setting-up-motherboards-for-mining
    Search in the forum is also very useful https://forum.getpimp.org/search?term=b250&in=titlesposts

  • Staff

    I'm running this board with 8 MSI GTX 1050 2GB OC cards without any problems on Pimp v2.5-all

    However, when card 9 and 10 come back from MSI RMA (due to physical damage unrelated to mining), I may run into some problems... From what I've heard, this board has limits to how many nVidia cards it can run at one time. Asus support shows that this board is designed to run a combination of nVidia and AMD... something like 8 NV and 11 AMD... or something close to that. Some have said that the latest BIOS fixed this? It doesn't seem that way to me, but then again, I don't have any AMD cards to test with and I won't be able to go over 8 NV cards until the other two come back.

    Check the FAQ on this board from the Asus support page. They provide diagrams for known good video card populations of the PCIe slots.

    What I have been able to test is that unless my nVidia cards are in the upper half of PCIe slots, weird things begin to happen when Pimp loads up (if it even loads at all).

    Good luck.

  • Staff

    As of BIOS v1010, if you want to run 19 GPU's on the Asus B250 Mining Expert motherboard, 8 of the 19 cards must be nVidia P106-100 cards. There was rumor that Asus claimed that this will be fixed via a BIOS update, however we have not seen one that does this.

    I was able to run 13 retail MSI GTX 1050's on this board without any problems. Adding the 14th card would prevent the motherboard from posting/booting. Pimp v2.5.1.

    As I was writing this, I did a quick check on the Asus website and there appears to be a new BIOS update, v1205. The only notes provided for this update is the following: "Intel New ME Update, Improve Stability". I do not believe this is the "fix" everyone was waiting for. Anyway, I have changed up my rigs and can no longer test to see if this update will allow more than 13 retail GPU's.

  • Staff

    It has been confirmed... to get this board to boot in PiMP 2.5 or newer, you must be on at least BIOS v1010. (Most current, as of today, is v1206).

  • Staff

    Resolved with latest BIOS updates and settings - Closing topic


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