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unable to update to new farm keys

  • I recently received sporadic connection of agent to miner.farm ( free)website. So I decided to change the keys. The problem is that the key changes are not being accepted by the minerfarm command. When entering the new keys aI receive the following error: Error: Those keys are already set for this rig. No changes made. The keys referenced as already set are the original keys. I can't seem to change them so not I am getting "invalid Farm Keys" message. Please help.

  • Staff

    Thank you and sorry for the trouble sir. We are in the middle of completing the deployment of minerFarm 3. Will update when complete, thank you for your patience.

  • This issue is resolved. Able to update keys. thx.

  • Staff

    Thanks for the update! We are still building out more servers so graphing may hiccup a bit today, but we are proud to say the migration was completed during the weekend! :)


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