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2018-12-05 How coin difficulty affects rewards, 2019 blockchain applications to come, amd 3xxx series, brash your accountant and more!

  • Staff

    Welcome to the Notes for Clubhouse call: Dec-5-2018

    To get to the Call..... Click "Mining Clubhouse!" voice channel in PiMP Discord!

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )




    Coin prices

    discord is bumping lately! people are active - pimps helping pimps - and miners are building rigs and using pimp
    Masternode coins? Yay or Nay? How does this fit into the mining world so far?
    ZEC launch on Coinbase today - Will this rise ZEC? Not so far - still down about 10% - the only US approved exchange for crypto

    Mining profits / difficulty

    • ETC, ZEC diff down a lot - difficulty was reduced automatically in the software to keep the coin transaction times healthy. - and adjusts for the amount of mining hashpower on the network.
    • etc difficulty down by 38.59 % and eth down by 24.86% so great for hobby miners
    • More rewards for us
    • Treasure hunters will keep looking for a little bit of profit
    • True Believers will always mine - they know it will be worth something later or have other reasons - involvement in projects
    • The Joy of mining / tweaking / building - Hobbyists enjoy it
    • The original big exchange was cryptsy
    • AWS Blockchain (see link) - many things will be using crypto applications for their business - this is why Ethereum has been world-changing (smart contracts)
    • trusted entities - boxes of bananas, temperature trucks, etc. 2019 will be the year of applications. (see ibm link)

    Hardware corner

    https://www.mineority.io/ IS GONE! There was a huge falling out in their key dev team - No available software - and their store redirects to https://store.squirrelsresearch.com/ just a quick and dirty "Pre-order" sales site
    AMD Navi RX 3080, 3070 & 3060 Specs & Prices Leaked – RTX 2070, GTX 1070 & GTX 1060 Challengers at $249, $199 & $129

    • THE OG for mining - Although they are less efficient overall, as miners we can TUNE them for efficiency! and they are very cheap.

    RX 570/580s around $120-180
    Ryzen 3000 (16core 5.1GHZ AM4 CPU)
    Innodisk M2 GPU? only 256MB video ram, but a good start! no MSRP yet.

    Brash - Your Crypto Accountant

    • Highest IRS designation
    • we work together to pave the road for crypto related businesses being fully compliant
    • he wants to answer your questions and needs! and we want to help miners become more compliant: email ask@getpimp.org

    Miner.Farm 3

    Same as last week - finishing the last bits. Forum<->MF3 federation.
    Doc's working on getting the promo video done by launch.

    PiMP OS updates

    miners release updates often - considering changing to weekly pimpups - in 3.0 it could be continuous delivery for miners
    new miners coming to pimp: phoenixminer, gminer, ubqminer
    how can we get more beta testing participation? Spread the word! https://getpimp.org/beta
    pimpup3 apt-based package management - alpha testing going well - limited beta soon

    What do you guys think of implementing a "teamviewer for SSH only"? This would allow you to share a console or remotely access your console https://www.teleconsole.com/ - option to run our own proxy too (prob not necessary but good branding)

    Who uses other non-PiMP mining OS currently? We need feedback from you.

    • Windows for GPU / CPU mining on kids pc's
    • They run the miner application directly (cryptodredge, etc.) - so after MF3 launch, we will be adding Remote Rig control to the Agents - this will be one of the first improvements for the client side - for pimp3. (Add non-local miners to manage miners over the network)
    • Windows and other rigs - ASICS - One pimp rig could run as the agent for the rest of the farm




    • What about a pimpminer with no fee? ~Smartguy
      We wish, but we do not have the resources/time for that - mining development is a whole other skillset we don't currently have on the team Send us some talent! And subscribe to miner.farm so we have funding to pay them. C++ support, and CUDA / OpenCL
    • AMD GPU talk directly to the kernel - and this is why one dead AMD can kill a rig. AMD was talking about building a HAL At some point (Hardware Abstraction Layer)
    • NVIDIA GPU have an abstraction layer in between - and this is why it doesn't take the rig down.

    We facilitated the sgminer 5 generation - multi algo and multi profile support - and worked well with GM to improve it

    Wrap Up

    Missed the call? Listen to the podcast at https://soundcloud.com/getpimp/tracks
    Thank you for your support!


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