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Snowgem (XSG) - Equihash 144_5 - Updated Strategy Guide

  • Staff

    Our friends over at SnowGem have a lot of development going on and we wanted to give you an update. This coin is profitable to mine and also to run a masternode. It is based on the Equihash 144,5 variation so nvidia users should definitely take note.

    November updates

    We just updated the example profiles for bminer.equihash.pcfg (nvidia) and lolminer.pcfg (amd/nvidia) miners with some quick updates:

    • to remove the miningspeed pool, we are sorry to see them go, we mined a lot of HUSH with them too, another equihash coin.
    • to add the snowgem official pool, pool.snowgem.org, which has a beautiful and easy to use interface.


    You can quickly check by GPU here to see what you would make using their Profit Calc: https://snowgem.org/resources/calc

    For more details on SnowGem as a coin, we do see a great future here. Their Roadmap: https://snowgem.org/blog/snowgem-roadmap-2019

    How to mine on PiMP OS the fastest way

    You can quickly add bminer or lolminer and test it out with just a few commands:

    pimp --add shows you all available miner profiles to add. We can see bminer and lolminer in this list because this rig has nvidia AND amd gpus in it:


    Nvidia: use bminer: pimp --add 2511
    AMD: use lolminer: pimp --add 3401

    Then you can use the pimp --test and pimp --edit commands just like you always do. For a quick refresher, check out the guides and videos here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/10/setting-up-miner-profiles and here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/24/editing-the-miner-confs

    Short version though, you can see here the SnowGem examples in bminer and lolminer:




    in this one dont forget to change the port in the FLAGS= section! This miner needs it separate from the pool definition given in POOL1 in the top section.


    Remember - if you get stuck, post here, or jump in the Discord for happy helpers!

    For those that prefer the GUI, here is a nice tutorial on how to mine SnowGem using Bminer on PiMP and editing using the GUI Leafpad app: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/3623/nvidia-profile-mining-tutorial-1-snowgem-xsg-using-bminer-bminer-equihash-pcfg

    Masternode info

    Sad to say due to the way this works it's not as simple as adding a feature to PiMP OS, but we are happy to guide you to the instructions!

    To create a master node you have to have a VPS with an IP address, this is really cheap at most cloud providers now, and SnowGem has a great guide to help you set that up. They also are very helpful in their discord chat. Here is a link to their setup video for that: https://youtu.be/yjD3nXmmerU

    You can also rent Masternodes: https://evonodes.com/pool/XSG

    For more news / to discuss

    Remember - we meet every Wed 3PM Pacific / 6PM Eastern / 11:59PM UTC in the Discord Clubhouse Call - Come join us to talk about Snowgem and any other topics that you like!


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