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Key failed Validation

  • recently I reinstalled my rig and when I try to validate my key I get a crash message. (google translator)

  • Staff

    I can confirm that your key did not expire. Sorry to hear you're having problems getting set up. There are a couple of solutions that we have found for this issue, I've outlined them below:

    1. Ensure that your key is entered correctly

    Your key will not successfully validate if there are any extra hidden characters in the key, or if the key is entered incorrectly. We recommend using ssh to paste the key in, and you can find those instructions on our forum post: Entering the Key for the First Boot. We also recommend using a notepad to ensure that you are getting a clean paste with the correct characters (sometimes changing the font also helps identify outlier characters or similar letters/digits).

    Use SSH to paste the key in like the video shows.

    1. Reimage PiMP OS

    Errors with how the image was made can leave the image unwriteable. To solve this, you'll need to 'finish' the image burn correctly with 'eject' or 'close' commands in the writing software. If that doesn't work, you may want to try using a different write method altogether. Check out our information on How to Write the PiMP OS Image using Windows or Linux or Mac OSX.

    1. Use a different SSD/Disk

    If neither of the two above issues resolve your problems, it might be that the image target has excessive errors or a pattern of errors that the writing software can't avoid. To resolve this, try installing the image with a different SSD/Disk.


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