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What to do if your rig is hard locking up.

  • Staff

    Here is some information you can use when your rig is locking up (the worst case scenario) which does not happen often. 99.999% hardware problem, but PiMP OS has tools to fix it.

    First, some information:

    How miner.farm talks to the rigs:

    Miner.farm sends commands to the rig via the agent process, when it checks in. Since we do not store any IPs and ports and passwords, the system is completely secure. However, there is just no way for us to send a command to the rig otherwise, if the agent service is not running.

    The agent service itself (minerfarm_svc) is managed by systemd, the linux system process manager. This is the modern way of managing system processes on Ubuntu based systems (and most modern distros of Linux.)

    If the agent stops, systemd will try to restart it within limits, automatically.

    The end result is, if your agent is stopped, your rig is likely down or has a problem that requires your intervention.

    First things first

    Try to VNC or RDP to the rig. Instructions are in the Getting Started forum category post here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/16/remote-access-using-rdp-vnc

    Try to SSH into the rig. If SSH is not answering, then it is likely the system is hard locked or not powered on properly. SSH is fairly resilient, even if a system is corrupted fairly badly. SSH example using MobaXterm for Windows found in the video here on the Quickstart Guide: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/15/quickstart-guide

    Next thing would be, if you have a monitor connected, to go to the rig and see what is on the local display. If you booted headless, it is likely that the rig will not output video, so you could skip this part.

    If you cannot get to the rig using these methods, try connecting a display so you can see what is going on (optional) and power cycle the rig. After a few moments it should be accessible using the methods above. At this time you would want to troubleshoot right away.... using such things like:

    • nano startup.sh and block the starting of the miner with a # - see if the rig runs for a while without mining. If this is the case, then you know mining activity is part of the cause.

    • Run the helpme and view the report. You can skip right to the GPU Info section if you like. This is where you can see errors. Also look at the dmesg log. You can see the names of the commands there.

    • Look in /var/log for the miner logs and for the agent.log. This might give a clue.

    • Watch the troubleshooting video and read the guides for troubleshooting tools and hardware dance here: https://forum.getpimp.org/category/6/how-to-troubleshoot-your-rig

    Physical remote reboot options:

    Z-wave option:

    If you have a smart home alarm system you can use a Z-wave or Zigbee controller or Vera, Google Home, etc.

    Wifi smart plug options are available as well.

    Auto reboot option: This is not recommended. (Band-aid fix)

    nano /etc/crontab if you want examples on auto rebooting on a scheduled interval - perhaps that's another option for you - but again - bandaid compared to troubleshooting the cause of the problem (before it burns the rig up) - You should really look for the cause and resolve it instead of just kicking the box over and over. The box will not last long in this setup.


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