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PCI Extenders (Splitters) Strategy Guide

  • Staff

    PCI Extenders (Splitters) Strategy Guide: How they work and how to tell if it would work on your mobo

    You've got to check how many PCIe lanes the motherboard can support. Then you've got to check how many PCIe lanes the CPU can support.

    The extender can't give you more lanes than the motherboard and CPU can support. Also, you have to check how many PCIe lanes the motherboard "reserves" for things like USB controller, audio controller, SATA & m.2 controller, etc...

    dmidecode -t baseboard

    Example 1: Gigabyte H170-D3HP-CF with Intel G3900 CPU

    Okay, it looks like the H170 supports a total of 16 PCIe lanes, but be sure to check out this link to get a better understanding of how the PCI lanes work. https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2099-intel-chipset-comparison-z170-h170-h110
    Intel Z170 vs. H170 vs. H110 Skylake Chipset Comparison
    This chipset comparison looks at the differences between Intel's new 100-series chipsets for Skylake (Z170, H170, H110, B150, Q170, and Q150). -

    Understand that having 16 PCIe lanes does not mean you can run 16 GPU's... Some of those lanes are "reserved" for onboard devices.

    The Intel G3900 supports 16 PCIe lanes (again, this does not mean that it supports 16 GPU's... lanes are reserved by the motherboard for other onboard devices.)

    Another source: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Z170-H170-H110-B170-Q150-Q170---What-is-the-Difference-635/

    So, 16 - other onboard devices = how many PCI lanes you can support.

    Example 2: Doc's GA-270P-D3 using 8x card on my Gigabyte 270 boards.

    It's a single 16x card with 8 USB ports for risers.
    Pics and links in my rig showcase post.
    My Gigabyte motherboard (GA-270P-D3) has 6 PCIe slots and a single m.2 connecter. They claim this board can only support 7 GPU's (with an m.2 adapter), however, using the 8x extender card, I can run a max of 9 GPU's.

    See Crypto-02 - AMD Rig on Doc's farm post on the Rig Showcase:



    Q: do u plug those in on pci ex lane regular lane or m.2?

    A: Use regular sata port not m.2, dont want to lose the m.2 pci lane


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