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THE DANCE - Physical hardware troubleshooting

  • The OS is software but this does not mean that we stop there, we will try to help you also with some common hardware troubleshooting and some tips and tricks

    How to get a new rig running step by step:

    Let's start simple: remove all cards but one. Put that card in the slot on the board and make sure that PiMP boots and mines.
    Then, turn off your rig and put that card on a riser in the first slot and turn it on. Make sure that the GPU boots and mines while on the riser.
    If this runs, then gradually add more cards on risers one at a time.

    One GPU is not detected, stops mining or responding, or you suspect you have a riser failing:

    Great now you can turn off the rig and connect a known working card to that riser and start the rig up again. Did that fix the problem? Then you know something might be wrong with the GPU, not the riser.
    If this did not fix the problem, try a new riser and see if that works. If it does, then that riser is probably broken.

    Also, don’t forget to re-check and re-seat all power connectors for both the GPUs and the risers. Also, if you are using powered risers if the power connector for that riser has a good connection.

    Protip : Avoid using more than 2 risers per power cable string coming from your psu(Power supply unit)!! this to avoid voltage dips or in worst case a fire

    GPUs are not detected or miner does not want to start:

    Almost all hardware troubleshooting information is found in the PiMP Troubleshooter / helpme URL. Take a look and see if you can identify your problem. Hardware issues are usually found in the first section or the GPU INFO section of the Troubleshooter.

    If for example you see a note saying insufficient power in the nvidia-sm section then please recheck power connectors that come from your psu(Power supply unit) to your card.

    If you cannot identify your problem after looking at the Troubleshooter, search the forums, and if you cannot find your problem there, go to the PIMP Discord chat and post your helpme there to see if any other miners can help you. When you had contact with pimp support and you have send them a helpme they can see most of the time what is going on.

    Basic hardware troubleshooting (aka the Hardware Dance!)

    If the OS does not see your cards directly or you have different cards in your rig, start swapping.

    Only change one thing at a time.

    The PiMP shuffle is to move cards around in your rig one card at a time and boot it up every time to see when all are detected.
    This also counts for the cases that you suspect something is wrong on the hardware side, a swap or shuffle with a known good is always a good place to start and get yourself back to mining the quickest way. This technique works for troubleshooting all types of things, not just miners or computer systems.


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