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How to use bfgminer to mine with a Futurebit Moonlander 2 USB ASIC

  • Staff

    Hey moonlander fans, just wanted to post an update with instructions:

    the futurebit profile uses bfgminer on PiMP OS there is a built in profile for it.
    5151 (asic) bfgminer: for usb futurebit asics [bfg.futurebit.conf]

    So you would fire up your PiMP rig and do:

    pimp --add 5151
    pimp --test 2 (or whatever it is added as)
    and watch it mining
    then go edit the config file for your favorite pool if you like, and your own wallet.

    Here is the example config we use:

    "pools" : [
    "url" : "stratum+tcp://americas.scrypt.mining-dutch.nl:6668/#skipcbcheck",
    "user" : "DocDrydenn.PiMP",
    "pass" : "d=512",
    "pool-priority" : "0"
    "expiry" : "120",
    "expiry-lp" : "3600",
    "failover-switch-delay" : "300",
    "log" : "20",
    "no-pool-disable" : true,
    "no-client-reconnect" : true,
    "no-show-processors" : true,
    "no-show-procs" : true,
    "queue" : "1",
    "quiet-work-updates" : true,
    "quiet-work-update" : true,
    "scan-time" : "60",
    "skip-security-checks" : "0",
    "scrypt" : true,
    "kernel-path" : "/opt/miners/bfgminer-futurebit",
    "scan" : "MLD:ALL",
    "set-device" : "MLD:clock=384"

    If anyone has any suggestions or would like anything tested let us know. We will be in the PiMP Mining discord at discord.me/pimp.

  • Staff

    Moonlander 2.PNG

    Moonlander 2-MF3.PNG


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