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2018-11-07 Monero leading the charge up, many new algos, whats best for AMD and NVIDIA, new cards to come!

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    Welcome to the Notes for Clubhouse call: Nov-7-2018

    To get to the Call..... Click "Mining Clubhouse!" voice channel in PiMP Discord!

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )


    Eketubol - Blockify.xyz


    Coins are jumping!

    Nov has been Monero is signalling bull - stocks are faltering a bit and Asia moves into coins- politics affecting trade
    A lot more even - and a lot of cards can mine it - Dont need an ASIC
    Forks going well - heavy increases the scratchpad to take advantage of video ram - advantage GPUs
    Hot News - Many of the "Asic Resistance" folks really fly the ProgPoW flag. Now, we see Zcash going ProgPoW?
    Z9 mini still mining it though

    Oct and Nov news

    • The Brash Report
    • useful information
    • we want you to write some content

    MF3 Update

    • wrangling influxdb and grafana for the new graphs
    • these bleeding edge services are changing fast - and we are waiting for some of our feature requests
    • our old graphs are raw flot - the new ones will be much better - you can dial into specific rigs, drag for finer detail, etc.
    • pie charts are awful - pools going to a strip chart
    • mf3 beta next week!
    • agent page got a huge makeover - many new functions and details pertaining to the rig
    • all new key management and account detail information like transaction history
    • multi-user and multi-farm
    • cloud edit, cloud store, and push/pull configs to/from rigs
    • easier navigation
    • mobile: it all works on mobile and looks good so far - all done in bootstrap - but we will get a native app that works with api someday - we need a good mobile developer first, though. Zamasu likes java - and might like to try - applications should be bridging instead of forking - html5/js are capable enough to do rich environments - single codebase easier than having separate fork of the miner.farm application - push notifications would be the main feature

    Hardware corner

    • RTX 2070/2080 so far - its still early - need more hands-on time - but plenty of headroom for more - tensor cores? isn 't BYTOM tensority algorithm - is this related? https://bminer.me/references/ - we doubt the raytracing unit will be used for normal hashing - but this ability could lead to new algos and new coins
    • Dead NVIDIA FE mem? nvidia downplaying - its not another Galaxy Note 7! Nvidia's response on the infant mortality
    • Nobody developing for AMD? vega - here to stay? looking at the 590, probably. any news on the 6xx series? AMD side is typically cryptonight, lyra, and phi2 - where AMDs have a great performance - Vega does best ProgPow out of the AMDs but still cant touch 1080Ti yet.
    • navi 600 series ? may be able to compete with the nvidia
    • AMD is building rigs now - and they have a hold of the console market
    • lyra2v2 and lyra2z are good at both amd and nvi, but hearing rumors of asics for it.
    • there's a lot of asics R&D coming out

    PiMP OS updates

    pimpup 20181108 - TOMORROW! We got a huge changelog coming. Highlights:

    • avermore, cryptodredge, ethminer, progpow, t-rex, xmr-aeonstak, xmr-stak, z-enemy all updated to latest builds.

    • the hottest algos and coins added to default profiles - bitcore, aion (210_9 equihash), x22i, x17, phi2, lyra2z, neoscrypt, x16r, and x16s allhavenew coin examples

    • most of them in cryptodredge/zenemy/t-rex which are for nvidia

    • pimpup2 - we haven't changed much lately - let us know if anything needs to be fixed
      pimp --debug will now chdir to the miner dir, this will be released tomorrow

    • tons of new miners coming soon, especially for some AMD love:
      teamredminer for cnv8/phi2/lyra2z for amd, and working on some others;
      avermore already handles x16r/x16s;
      sgminer-fancyix for x22i/lyra2
      all of the asic profiles have been updated, many new builds, and revamped configs for all the different kinds of usb asics
      for cpu mining, cpuminer-opt added to cover many algos that cpuminer-multi does not
      2.9 - still working on getting new amd and cuda to work together
      3.0 - application coding is going well: pimpup3 beta next week! you will be able to test miner management, system config items, and backup/restore.

    Zamasu working on his own payments system

    something to API - he is cloning the captcha systems and creating wallets/addresses to process transactions- refill the account periodically to access the application via API writing it in Java - windows version of cronjobs (scheduled tasks) every few minutes it will restart the java application that confirms transactions. Chrome driver for windows has to be restarted
    Java -> Sun -> Oracle -> Larry Ellison (who bought Sun and MySQL - a FOSS competitor to Oracle - scary!) They did let a bunch go into OSS world - their LDAP, and some other things. OpenJDK not quite open
    WebLogic / JBoss - still there!
    Probably want to stand up a Tomcat on Centos to serve it - but really ...
    Back in the day - using the Java interpreter allows the single codebase across many machines (java vm)
    Now there are many more modern choices - Golang, etc.


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    https://www.coingecko.com/en/price_charts/monero/usd Chart


    • How did you hear about PiMP? Word of mouth

    • What are common miner pain points or questions, regardless of platform?
      want the latest new altcoin miners

    • Have you gone to any crypto meetups?
      Well, its baned in some places. But if you know too much, you end up being the teacher. Teachers dont make much. But it has to be give and take. Some of us even talk about crypto on dates! And how about the people that THINK they know everything?

    • What happens when your wallet breaks? - If you have the private keys, you can restart it.

    Wrap Up


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