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How and when to reimage an existing rig

  • For major upgrades to PiMP, beyond a pimpup, you can re-image your rig.

    This is done when the OS has a critical update that can’t or is unsafe to be done via pimpup, for example kernel updates or other major OS changes.
    In order for you to do this safely, please save your confs and pcfg or just set them up again after.
    After this is done shut down and download the new and fresh image from your account on the getpimp.org site
    Now unplug the drive (ssd or hdd) and connect it to your img pc.

    What you need to do is follow the same image process as you done befor getting the img on the disk.
    If you have verified this key recently, please give our servers a bit of time to make your key ready to validate again, this should be a hour after you verified last time at the least.

    Once the image process is complete, put the disk back into your rig and validate your rig again with the new image.
    Everything should be in order and if you saved the confs and pcfgs feel free to put them back.

    Things should now work the same or even better than before, if this is not the case please read the forum post with the new bugs and workarounds.
    If this does not have the solution for you then jump in the #pimp discord and ask around.

    Examples of Disk Corruption

    Any Busybox or initramfs message at boot time means you will have to reimage.


    How to backup your configs:

    Cloud pasting

    you can just paste them to the cloud.


    SCP to other rig

    you can copy to another rig.



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