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2018-10-31 Happy Halloween - Vega/2080 talk, BTC 10th Birthday Today, strengths and weaknesses of competitors, and pimp 2.9 roadmap!

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    Welcome to the Notes for Clubhouse call: Oct-31-2018

    To get to the Call..... Click "Mining Clubhouse!" voice channel in PiMP Discord!

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )


    Eketubol - Blockify.xyz


    Happy Halloween!!!

    Bitcoin birthday - 10 years today!
    NIST making coins better for use as currency
    IBM Blockchain announced - big stuff! From the makers of SNA and TCP/IP Ethernet! (link)
    Within 6 weeks IBM will try to buy PIMP? Never know!
    Ripple is a closed greed solution which does not help people
    this month oct 2018 was the slowest trading volume of the year (link)

    HiveOS strengths and weaknesses

    • when they revamped the website it's been nonstop issues
    • they dont have the stability or the miner support that pimp has
    • pimp provides much better hands-on access and control over the rig
    • it looks polished - and mf3 will too
    • referrals - they really beat the drum to recommend it to their friends

    instilling confidence in prospective miners / possible pimp customers

    • we would like to offer a time limited demo of a farm access
    • free version of the minerfarm still exists
    • we never dipped below break even as a miner
    • coinbase keeps growing
    • LTC the silver to BTC's gold - till Ether upset that balance
    • ICO concept hurt the altcoin industry a lot due to the evils and scamming - causing hyperregulation and deep views
    • Various countries "looking into" regulating crypto - and the ICO vs the coin - gov's are looking at the right things

    PiMP 2.9 /3.0 progress
    big "Drivetrain" changes: amdgpu 16.40, cuda10+9.2, nvidia 410.73 (so far)

    • these changes will all benefit and roll up into pimp 3.0
    • pimp 3.0 application stuff is coming along nicely: apt updates for miners and pimp software - more control over miner updates - rig backup/restore -simple configuration - all commands in "console ui" AND "command line scriptable version"
    • re: support, will this system allow 1.x and 2.x users to pimpup? - platform changes will require reimage
    • pimpup3 will give more control over miner versions - allow users to not update
    • miner developers require certain things
    • flash drives - pimp will run on it, but we do not support it because we do not want you to have a bad experience, since they are not reliable and there is too much to do - but we are looking at making a usb "installer" that you can use to install pimp onto a rig, instead of reimaging and touching the hardware
    • OTA updates of kernel/drivers still are not very practical.
    • helpme2 is still the best troubleshooting tools out there - but helpme3 will be even better - rigs can self-troubleshoot
    • gethelp from ethos is just an irc tool for them to give support - it does not help the user - netstat helps show unwanted listeners or visitors


    • coming to the pimp lab this week - should ensure support soon - nice for the cryptonights
    • we were waiting for amd to get the drivers right - as always
    • and then the miner devs to figure it out
    • and for dc support - rocm not adequate - and gcc7 neede

    NVIDIA 2070/2080 info

    • 20x0 nvidia support coming too - miner devs still working on optimizations - this is not just a new version of a 10x0 card
    • cuda10 needed for the 2080 (most of them need 8+6pin or 8+8pin) and plimit is restricting the cards - so far tensor cores cannot be used for mining app, but this may lead to significant improvements.
    • We already have some Doc limited testing results on 2080Ti - needed nvidia 415 - miners mined

    miner.farm 3.0 progress

    • Supports OS/2 Warp! It's browser based. :)
    • pretty buttons and interactive control of the whole farm
    • we just finished all the brand new subscription interfaces and custom shopping cart system
    • a day of stats work, and then moving to new graphs
    • beta in next week or so - then releasing to beta

    special guest: dbct!

    • welcome back to dbct - we are glad to have you in the call
    • dbct helped launch the helpme, the forum, and the clubhouse and the testing and beta teams
    • dbct is very well liked and a has been a very important part of the team
    • the miners still have a say in the development - this is unique especially in the crypto
    • lily is still a superstar
    • dbct got called as a career man and with night school on top of being a family man - and got pulled away from us


    2080Ti mining early reports - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5042514.0
    infant mortality of card design - https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3065361/nvidias-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-cards-are-reportedly-failing-in-high-numbers


    • FPGA integration - well, we need some for the lab - and how do they appear to the OS?
    • Hive is basically a rip of pimp's ideas

    Wrap Up


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