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Review: 7 of the Best Cryptocurrency Widgets for Webmasters

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    Review: 7 of the Best Cryptocurrency Widgets for Webmasters

    When you’re running your own website, widgets are the final piece of the puzzle, as these simple lines of HTML or Javascript code can be used to pull in custom content from third-party developers. Placed judiciously in sidebars, footers, and anywhere else there’s a space to be filled, widgets can make your homepage feel like it represents your interests and those of your readers. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up seven of the best cryptocurrency widgets that are currently available.

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    Coinmarketcap Price Ticker

    Coinmarketcap’s customizable widgets allow you to style your site to suit your taste in altcoins. You can select market cap, volumes and rankings for even the most obscure cryptocurrencies, with prices denoted in a wide range of fiat currencies.

    Review: 7 of the Best Cryptocurrency Widgets for Webmasters

    Market Dominance Ticker

    Coinratecap offers a range of widgets, including price tickers for individual coins, much like Coinmarketcap does. In addition, it offers a nifty dominance widget, so you can determine at a glance how much of the markets bitcoin core is claiming.

    Review: 7 of the Best Cryptocurrency Widgets for Webmasters

    Bitcoin Cash Money Button

    Review: 7 of the Best Cryptocurrency Widgets for WebmastersThe beauty of bitcoin cash (BCH) is that it’s suitable for micro-payments, which makes it ideal for tipping. Install the BCH Money Button on your site and users who have signed up for the service can send you small amounts of BCH almost instantly to show their appreciation for a job well done. We also recently wrote about the Cashtippr WordPress plugin, which does a similar job.

    Bitcoin.com Price and News Tickers

    Bitcoin.com provides a range of embeddable, small and large bitcoin cash widgets in light or dark colors, with a range of fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY). There’s also a news widget that shows the latest stories on news.Bitcoin.com and a similar one for posts on the Bitcoin.com forum. Take your pick on the Widgets page.

    <figure id="attachment_237364" style="width: 300px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Review: 7 of the Best Cryptocurrency Widgets for Webmasters

    <figcaption class="wp-caption-text">The Bitcoin.com news widget</figcaption>


    Cryptocurrency Converter

    There are many third-party widgets that allow you to convert specific sums of cryptocurrency to fiat currency, or vice-versa, but Coinlib’s is one of the best. Simply enter the currency code of the assets you wish to switch between and the widget will handle the rest. Coinlib also offers a cool horizontal scrolling price ticker that might sit well on a dedicated trading platform or market news website.

    Review: 7 of the Best Cryptocurrency Widgets for Webmasters

    Hybrid Cryptocurrency Widget

    Crypto Compare offers a highly customizable range of widgets, including a hybrid option that allows you to incorporate price data and the latest news on specific cryptocurrencies. Very compact and extremely neat.

    Mining Profitability Calculator

    Cryptorival’s mining profitability widgets are to be prized for the plethora of metrics they provide. Pick a Proof-of-Work coin, grab the embed code and your website can display data such as pool fees, mining difficulty, power costs and block rewards.

    Review: 7 of the Best Cryptocurrency Widgets for Webmasters

    What other types of cryptocurrency widgets do you use on your website? Let us know in the comments section below.

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