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FLAGS command line options for t-rex miner (nvidia)

  • Staff

       This is T-Rex NVIDIA GPU miner version 0.7.1.
        We hope you enjoy our miner.
        We promise to do our best to make it as fast as possible.
        However, in order to maximise the hashrate our software utilises all
        available GPU resources, so it is important that you review your overclock
        settings before you start mining. Our general recommendation is to start
        from GPU stock settings (no overclock, default power limit), and then after
        making sure it is stable, slowly increase your overclock to find the
        "sweet spot" where the miner performs at its best and still does not crash.
        Usage of command line options
          -a, --algo                     Specify the hash algorithm to use.
          -d, --devices                  Comma separated list of CUDA devices to use.
                                         Device IDs start counting from 0.
          -i, --intensity                GPU intensity 8-25 (default: auto).
          -o, --url                      URL of mining server.
          -u, --user                     Username for mining server.
          -p, --pass                     Password for mining server.
          -r, --retries                  Number of times to retry if a network call fails.
          -R, --retry-pause              Pause in seconds between retries.
          -T, --timeout                  Network timeout, in seconds (default: 180)
              --time-limit               Miner shutdown interval in seconds. (default: 0 - disabled)
              --temperature-limit        GPU shutdown temperature. (default: 0 - disabled)
              --temperature-start        GPU temperature to enable card after disable. (default: 0 - disabled)
          -b, --api-bind-telnet          IP:port for the miner API via telnet (default: Set to 0 to disable.
              --api-bind-http            IP:port for the miner API via HTTP (default: Set to 0 to disable.
          -J  --json-response            Telnet API server will make json responses.
          -N, --hashrate-avr             Sliding window length in seconds used to compute average hashrate (default: 30).
              --gpu-report-interval      GPU stats report frequency. (default: 5. every 5th share)
          -q, --quiet                    Quiet mode. No GPU stats at all.
              --no-color                 Disable color output for console.
          -B, --benchmark                Benchmark mode.
          -P, --protocol-dump            User protocol logging.
          -c, --config                   Load a JSON-format configuration file.
          -l, --log-path                 Full path of the log file.
              --exit-on-cuda-error       Forces miner to immediately exit on CUDA error.
              --exit-on-connection-lost  Forces miner to immediately exit on connection lost.
              --reconnect-on-fail-shares Forces miner to immediately reconnect to pool on N successively failed shares (default: 10).
              --reconnect-on-high-diff   Forces miner to immediately reconnect on high pool difficulty (default: 0 - disabled).
              --version                  Display version information and exit.
          -h, --help                     Display this help text and exit.


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