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2018-10-17 Subscription progress, 2.8.6 release

  • Staff

    Welcome to the Notes for Clubhouse call: Oct-17-2018

    To get to the Call..... Click CLUBHOUSE CALLS voice channel in PiMP Discord!

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )


    Coryvmcs1 - BlokSpace.io


    PiMP OS

    PiMP OS v2.6.8 released to public - Check the My Downloads on getpimp.org
    Props to all who worked to make this happen. Dev Team & Beta Team!

    v2.9 still planned - to include newest kernel and video drivers.


    OS subscription/PayPal purchases being worked on.

    Also works with the miner.farm subscriptions.

    2.x keys will remain one-time payment.
    3.x key will be subscription based.

    One 3.x key will support as many rigs as you purchase for as many months as you purchase.
    Increase and decrease OS subscriptions/rigs to your account.

    3.x subscription cost - $3/month/rig

    Up-next: Graphing (Mail service is being delayed - will be picked back up later down the road)
    Open to Beta Testing by first week of November.

    PXE booting is on the plan for the future. +v3.x


    nVidia GeForce RTX 2070's are out!
    Use that farm heat to heat your home this weekend.
    Check power company for hourly pricing/smart pricing/etc... Might bring your costs down.


    LOKI - https://loki.network/


    Anyone still running PiMP OS v1.x with older hardware?

    Any thoughts about the name change topic of last week?

    • Considering changing PiMP OS (Portable Instant Mining Platform) --> PUMP OS (Premium Universal Mining Platform)
    • Some may be offended by the current name.
    • Some may not take it seriously because ot the current name.

    What's everyone mining right now?

    • Doc's on LOKI
    • Melt's playing on some ETH and some LOKI, too.

    Wrap Up


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