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Tutorial: How to Manage your Miner.farm Account

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    Miner.farm is a Web Application where you create an account by registering using your e-mail address. You can choose from the service plans depending on what features you need and how many mining instances you need to monitor and control.


    With a free account you can have your own farm URL with your rigs on it. You can see them but you cannot make changes. On the free account you would have to SSH or RDP into the rig to change it. With the paid accounts you can control the rig.

    How to subscribe and unsubscribe to miner.farm

    We recommend creating a recurring subscription that automatically renews and bills. You can do this using Paypal. Currently, Coinbase is disabled for recurring subscriptions. We also offer one-off payments using CoinPayments.

    To subscribe:

    1. Login and Go to your account page at https://miner.farm/account
    2. Scroll down to the “Plan Information” Section.


    1. Choose desired plan from “Plans available:” dropdown and click “Start Subscription”.
    2. Click the Paypal Subscribe button and follow the instructions provided by Paypal.
    3. Please allow up to 10 minutes for the account to upgrade.

    To unsubscribe:

    1. Login to your Paypal.
    2. Go to Recurring Payments.
    3. Click the miner.farm one.
    4. Click Cancel.

    To change your subscription level:

    1. Unsubscribe at the current level.
    2. Resubscribe at the new level.

    How to change account settings

    Changing your password


    Put existing, and the new one twice, and click the button. Your login password for miner.farm will be changed. This does not change anything on any rigs.

    Changing Farm Name and Privacy

    (Miner plan and up is required for this feature)


    Farm name: You can change the name of your farm.

    Farm privacy: By default, Farm View and Miner views are public and viewable by anyone using your farm URL. Pool View and Alert View are always private to you. If you want to make your entire farm private and you have a paid account, you can do this. Then no one will be able to see your farm pages except you when you are logged in.

    API Keys: These are input onto the rigs using the minerfarm agent console (or command line) and that is how you connect the rigs to your miner.farm account. If something goes wrong or you expose your keys by accident you can reset them here.

    How to manage email alerts

    There are two different kind of email alerts you can get.

    Agent Down Emails:


    This is set on the Farm View page. Each agent or rig has a button “Agent Settings”. If you click this, you can go down and input an email address and turn the email alerts on for Agent Down.


    Then you will get an email when the agent is down, and also when it has checked in again.

    Alert Profiles:

    You can get email alerts based on many different stats that you can set. You can make preset profiles of different alert values and limits like Minimum hashrate, maximum temp, etc. See the Alert View documentation for more.



    How to use Stars and starring farms

    You can “Star” other farms that you like or that are your friends farms so you can easily return them later, similar to Favorites and Bookmarks.

    To Star a farm:

    1. Login to miner.farm. You have to be logged in for this.
    2. View a farm by visiting its farm URL.
    3. In the top left corner, to the left of the Farm Name, click the star.


    1. This farm name will now show in your “Starred” menu at the top of miner.farm when you are logged in.

    To un-star a farm:

    Simply follow the above instructions for a farm that you’ve already Starred and it will un-star it and remove it from your Starred list.


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