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Tutorial: How to Manage your Miner.farm Account

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    Miner.farm is a Web Application where you create an account by registering using your e-mail address. You can choose from the service plans depending on what features you need and how many mining instances you need to monitor and control.

    With a free account you can have your own farm URL with your rigs on it. You can see them but you cannot make changes. On the free account you would have to SSH or RDP into the rig to change it. With the paid accounts you can control the rig.

    Your Account: Account Information

    In the Account Information section, you can update your Billing and Shipping address which appears on your PDF Invoices. Click the Update Address button to get a pop-up form with the fields.


    You have an easy checkbox to set the Shipping Address Same as the Billing Address. When done, click the Update button to save.


    Your Account: Change your Password

    Same as most sites, you put your existing password in, the new one twice, and click the Change password button.


    Your Account: OS Keys

    Here you have a listing of all of your PiMP OS keys. You can control how many are shown per page and also search for partial key. Each key listed will show several details:

    • Key: The actual key you paste to the rig to validate it.
    • Version: What version of PiMP OS this key works for (PiMP 2.x or 3.x (coming soon))
    • Status: Paid means the key was paid for. Disabled means it was refunded.

    Note: Every user will have a PiMP 3.x key on their account. For PiMP 3.x, it will be subscription based instead of a one-time fee. Everyone gets to have one easy key to remember, and you can have full control over number of rigs and time to the subscription for your key.

    • Active Rigs: Number of rigs that have been activated on this key. Clicking on the key will allow you to clear the count. No more waiting 1 hour between activations! You asked, you receive!
    • Max Rigs: Total number of rigs that can be activated with this key. If you want to re-image one of the existing rigs, you can clear the key count by clicking on it.

    Note: You cannot add rigs or time to PiMP 2.x keys.

    • Expires: For PiMP 3.x keys, the expiration date is shown. PiMP 2.x keys do not expire.
    • Updated: The date of the last change made to this key.


    Clicking on a key will bring up the Key management pop-up window with the clear button to Clear Actively Registered Mining Rigs.


    Your OS key is limited to a number of active mining rigs. Unused or reimaged rigs may cause you to exceed your allowed limit. You can clear all registrations here, and all currently active rigs will re-register automatically. This action will not interrupt mining or require any changes to your rigs.

    Resellers Only: You will also have the ability to Transfer keys to your customers here, by putting in their E-mail address and clicking the Transfer button. If you would like to be a PiMP Reseller, please email sales@getpimp.org.

    Your Account: OS Download Links

    If you own PiMP OS 2.x keys, you can download the zipped img file here to write to your SSDs. Simply click the link.

    If you have a PiMP OS 3.x active subscription, you can also download PiMP 3.x images. (When it's available.)


    Your Account: Farms

    Farms that you own with this account are listed here. Each farm has details specified:

    • Farm ID: The farmer number of this farm. Also serves as the miner.farm/farmer url. Cannot be changed.
    • Name: Your farm name. All paid subscribers can change the name of the Farm on the Farm Admin screen under Farm Options.
    • Level: This is the subscription (and feature) level of this farm. The subscription level determines what features you have in the miner.farm application, and the number of miner instances that you can monitor and/or control.
    • Expires: This is the expiration date of the current paid subscription. You can click to the Subscriptions Renewal Page (https://miner.farm/payments) to the right to add to your subscriptions. (PiMP 3.x when launched, and Miner.farm subscriptions.)
    • Updated: The date of the last billing or settings change made to this farm.


    Your Account: Subscriptions

    PIMP OS version 3.x is subscription based per mining rig per month. You can increase your subscription time and/or number of active mining rigs at any time. More information about PIMP OS is available at getpimp.org.


    miner.farm service is subscription based per level per month. Higher levels allow you to monitor and manage more miners, and have more features available. You can increase your subscription time, and/or subscription level at any time. Details about subscription levels are available on the pricing page (https://miner.farm/payments)

    Key and Farm subscriptions are limited differently - rigs vs. miners - because one rig can run or control multiple miners. Your Farm subscription should allow more miners than the number of rigs reporting to it.


    Click a Farm and you will get renewal options. Simply choose the level of subscription and the number of months to add, and you will see the cost updated in real time. Then, click Add to Cart to go to checkout.


    Once you get to the checkout page, you can review the information you selected, and then click Paypal or Coinpayments buttons to complete your payment using the merchant that you want.


    In the above picture Paypal was selected by default, and they allow you several options to checkout using Paypal. Clicking the Paypal checkout button will open up a popup window for you to either login to Paypal, or enter your information to check out as a guest using a credit card:


    If you do not want to use Paypal, but you want to pay with Crypto Currency instead, you click CoinPayments, you will see the Coinpayments merchant link / icon to replace it:


    If you click the CoinPayments checkout link it will bring you to the Coinpayments Checkout screen here:


    In this screen you can see that you are able to pay using BTC, LTC, and ETH. Please be mindful that you will have to add a tiny transaction fee to most crypto transactions using your wallet. Generally there will be a small delay while the transaction is confirmed.

    Your Account: Transaction History Log

    This is a handy log of all changes made to this account and its farms as well as subscriptions and payments. You can set number of entries per page, and search.



    If you have any questions about your account or billing, please contact PiMP Billing Support at info@getpimp.org or live chat in the discord at discord.me/pimp. We will help you as soon as possible.


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