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Asus B250 Mining Expert BIOS Settings (PiMP OS v2.6+)

  • Staff

    With the massive number of users who are running this board, I have decided to redo/update this post. I will attempt to create four (4) major sections: Preface/Notices, nVidia-only Config, AMD-only Config, and Mixed GPU Config.

    The time and number of GPU's I have available for this testing is limited, so don't expect this guide redo/update to be completed immediately or to showcase a 19-GPU setup.

    Start this guide from the beginning to make sure you cover the Preface/Notices section, then jump to the layout that matches your build.

    Okay, let's get started...


    A. Expectations
    In order to achieve the advertised 19 GPU setup, you must use special GPU's. Specifically, 8 of the 19 GPU's must be P106-100 (or P104-100?) GPU's as per the below image taken from the Asus B250 Mining Expert manual.

    The P106-100 GPU is a mining-only GPU. It's basically a nVidia GTX 1060 without any video output ports (see example image above) with a modified GPU BIOS. Retail nVidia GTX 1060's can be used on this motherboard, however, they won't count as the required P106-100 GPU's.

    The max number of retail (non P106) GPU's this motherboard will support is 13. The moment you add the 14th GPU (no matter what PCIe slot order you use), the motherboard will not post.

    B. Motherboard's BIOS
    You must be running at least v1010 BIOS for PiMP OS to work correctly.
    As of 20190514, BIOS v1207 is the most current and the one I used to make this guide.

    You can get the most current BIOS from the Asus website: Here

    ** Note: Due to the way the Asus website works, you may have to search for it.

    If you see something like in the below pic, you will want to click the "See All Downloads" (Notice that first file, MEUpdateTool?... this is not a BIOS file.) This is a proper BIOS file.
    0_1540223085121_Asus BIOS-1.PNG 0_1540223240510_Asus BIOS-2.PNG

    I'm not going to cover how to update the motherboard BIOS in this guide. (maybe in a future update?) There are a ton of videos/guides that cover this topic.

    C. BIOS CSM/Secure Boot
    Due to the way this motherboard handles the "CSM" & "Secure Boot" features/settings, anytime you are messing with them, you will need to set the board to Optimized Defaults first. (See below... and yes, this will overwrite any settings you've previously made. You'll just have to remake them.). Because of this, I suggest you make all your CSM & Secure Boot settings first, then adjust everything else as needed.

    Set Optimized Defaults (Note: Disregard this step at your own sanity.)
    After entering the BIOS you will want to move all the way to the last tab "EXIT" and select "Load Optimized Defaults".
    Next, save the changes (even if it says nothing was changed), reboot the machine, and re-enter the BIOS.

    nVidia-only Config:

    Running 8 nVidia GTX 1060's

    BIOS Settings

    Main Tab AI Tweaker Tab
    main.jpg ai tweaker.jpg
    Advanced Tab Advanced Tab - System Agent (SA) Configuration
    Advanced.jpg Advanced-System Agent (SA) Configuration.jpg
    Advanced Tab - System Agent (SA) Configuration - Graphics Configuration Advanced Tab - System Agent (SA) Configuration - DMI/OPI Configuration
    Advanced-System Agent (SA) Configuration-Graphics Configuration.jpg Advanced-System Agent (SA) Configuration-DMI OPI Configuration.jpg
    Advanced Tab - System Agent (SA) Configuration - PEG Port Configuration Advanced Tab - PCH Configuration
    Advanced-System Agent (SA) Configuration-PEG Port Configuration.jpg Adv-PCH Configuration.jpg
    Advanced Tab - Onboard Devices Configuration Advanced Tab - Onboard Devices Configuration - Serial Port Configuration
    Advanced-Onboard Devices.jpg Adv-Onboard Devices-Serial Port Configuration.jpg
    Boot Tab Boot Tab - CSM (Compatibility Support Module)
    Boot.jpg Boot-CSM.jpg
    Boot Tab - Secure Boot Boot Tab - Boot Configuration
    Boot-Secure Boot.jpg Boot-Boot Configuration.jpg

    Step 3: Save and Reboot
    Now head back over to the last tab, "Exit" and click the "Save Changes & Reboot". The system should now see your PiMP OS v2.6+ SSD and boot normally.

    ** Note: If in doubt of your settings or you wish to reset them, be sure to restart this process with Step 1. Again, due to the way this motherboard handles the "CSM" & "Secure Boot" features, failing to do this step will most likely cause problems.

    AMD-only Config:

    Running 3 AMD RX570's & 3 AMD RX580's
    (in work)

    Mixed GPU Config:

    Running 4 nVidia GTX 1060's & 3 AMD RX570's
    (in work)

    Happy Mining, PiMP's!

    BUS_ID Mapping:

    (sandbox for my testing only)

    Group A BUS_ID Group B BUS_ID Group C BUS_ID
    A1p 00
    A01p 0b B07p 0a C13p 01
    A02p 0c B08p 03 C14p 0a
    A03p 0b B09p 0c C15p 0c
    A04p 0b B10p 0b C16p 01
    A05p 07 B11p 08 C17p 04
    A06p 09 B12p 05 C18p 06
    Dual 1060's A01s A02s A03s A04s A05s A06s
    A01p XX-XX
    A02p XX-XX
    A03p XX-XX
    A04p XX-XX
    A05p XX-XX
    A06p XX-XX

    p Primary GPU (w/Local Display)
    s Secondary GPU
    .* No Video Output
    .** Resolution Issues
    .*** Keyboard Lockout

  • Staff

    Some more questions

    On the Asus b250 Mining expert motherboard, do you also like Doc use the aux4pin Molax power connectors next to the pcie slots - what do they achieve? Many thanks. Re same psu, is that due to power regulatory? So if I have a 11 card rig can use 2 aux power connectors or should I use all 3?

    Can I use adapters going from the same psu of course as I only have two Molax power cable for my psu

    I do like Asus though, as Up to now have been using the Asus b250f gaming motherboards, but thought with the price of the mining expert being so low now is the time to try it out


    From RoyKiiii (in PiMP Discord)

    I have a lot of b250 mining expert experience. I do use the aux ports, make sure they are all connected to the SAME PSU.

    Its technically meant to provide additionally power to the pcie sockets for when full sized graphics cards are used or when the board is providing power. However, the majority of us already use powered risers, therefore not much power gets used by those auxiliaries. From my understanding its to create a common shared ground for less interference and detection on card fault/removal etc.

    Yes more importantly its to create a common ground. Would definitely install the aux power cords, Because we dont use much power off the board sockets. I'll also mention that its optional, many people dont use them.

    The board is actually 3 sections, each section is separated in a way. That molex creates a common ground to reduce dirty power.

    You should always use all 3 of the molex connections. If you don't have 3, I would just use a molex splitter 1to2.

    Be warned that 11 cards must be a specific arrangement per the pdf slot placement

    So thats for if you're using 3 psu's.
    As you see there isnt much shared between sections. The molex on the left creates a "common ground"

    I haven't tried 11 yet, 6 AMD RX580 is the most ive attempted. I wasnt just able to use the first 6 slots either!

    Theres some guess and check involved, expect to power off and power on many times to get the right combination

    Also dont ever disconnect a riser from a powered board,
    Make sure to turn the main switch off the psu, or unplug the cable completely when removing risers. Sometimes power is stored in the capacitors that can damage the rise or the gpu.

    Roy, thank you so much for your time / knowledge / and expertise really appreciate it. I goto send off a parcel but will be on later.

  • I just started converting my B250s to PIMP and this article surely helped a lot. Thank you for taking the time to compile and post this!


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