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Bitcoinfiles.com Developers Launch Censorship-Resistant File Storage System

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    Bitcoinfiles.com Developers Launch Censorship-Resistant File Storage System

    On Friday, Oct. 19, the developers of Bitcoinfiles.com launched the first official version of the product. Now anyone from around the globe can tether a file (5kb or less) to the BCH chain, ensuring its resistance to censorship.

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    File Storage Tethered to the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers James Cramer, Attila Aros and ‘Hapticpilot’ have announced the launch of a working product called Bitcoinfiles.com, a platform that allows people to upload and download files tied to the BCH blockchain. Currently, the files allowed have to be small and the service only allows 5kb or less per upload. The programmers have added a $0.25 fee in order to process a BCH file upload. Downloading a file doesn’t cost anything and you can share the file’s URL with anyone you like.

    Bitcoinfiles.com Developers Launch Censorship-Resistant File Storage System

    Uploading and Downloading Timothy May’s Timeless Manifesto

    Bitcoinfiles.com Developers Launch Censorship-Resistant File Storage System Experimenting with Bitcoinfiles.com is fairly intuitive if you are able to operate a BCH wallet and are familiar with uploading files to hosting sites. Basically, users simply press the upload button and can browse their operating system for files under 5kb. In order to test the platform, news.Bitcoin.com copy and pasted the entire text from Timothy May’s Crypto Anarchist Manifesto text into a rich text file (rtf) which ended up being roughly 4kb in size.

    After pressing the upload button and choosing a file, the user has to accept a disclaimer which basically states that Bitcoinfiles.com is not responsible for illicit behavior. After accepting the disclaimer, you can pay for the file upload ($0.25 + network fee) either by using the Money Button or using a QR code and the text from a traditional address.

    Bitcoinfiles.com Developers Launch Censorship-Resistant File Storage System

    After whipping out the trusty Bitcoin.com Wallet, the QR was scanned without error and I paid the fee. Almost instantly after the invoice was paid the platform showed me it was uploading my file. The upload took less than a minute and the Bitcoin Files application dispersed a BCH blockchain URL at the end. Users can also view uploads on the website’s file explorer powered by Bitdb 2.0. The manifesto was there, showing a timestamp of approximately 16:59 UTC and the file’s hash as well. After the upload was complete, I then pressed the download file button on the website to choose from all the uploaded files on the network. Using the URL from the previous manifesto rtf file upload, the platform downloaded the file very quickly, with no charge for downloads.

    Bitcoinfiles.com Developers Launch Censorship-Resistant File Storage System

    Files That Endure the Test of Time

    The implications of a project like Bitcoinfiles.com could be massive as the platform can allow anyone to create an uncensorable file that’s forever tied to the BCH chain. The protocol does not require any registering or identification and files could be uploaded by anonymous whistleblowers, journalists, and anyone else who wants to save files in an immutable fashion. However, some may think a concept like this could be problematic if people were to upload illegal or taboo material and malicious data. The project is open source and the protocol could be integrated elsewhere. so it’s possible files could be uploaded and extracted without depending on the Bitcoinfiles.com platform as well.

    What do you think about Bitcoinfiles.com? Let us know what you think about this project in the comments section below.

    Images via Shutterstock, Bitcoinfiles.com, and Jamie Redman.

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