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ETH nVidia shootout: Claymore vs Ethminer vs Bminer

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    Simple testing of ETH mining between Claymore, Ethminer, and Bminer.

    GPU Core Offset Memory Offset Power Limit Target Temp Fan Speed
    MSI GeForce GTX 1070 8GB +100 +800 125W 70C 70%
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB +100 +800 100W 70C 70%


    • Time was given to allow for miner stabilization.
    • Results are averages.
    • Temps are unique to my setup, however, the differences between them is not.
    • Miners were configured to their default settings.
    • Testing was done on CRYPTO-TB running PiMP OS v2.8.6b
    • Pool tested on: us1.ethpool.org:3333
    Miner Results Hashrate Temp Wattage Efficiency
    Claymore Dual v11.9 51.95 Mh/s 64.5C 97W 0.535 Mh/W
    Ethminer v0.17.0.dev0-2 52.15 Mh/s 65C 97.5W 0.534 Mh/W
    Bminer v10.4.0 52.20 Mh/s 65.5C 97W 0.538 Mh/W
    Miner Details
    Claymore Dual v11.9
    0_1539709434231_Claymore-ETH-2.png 0_1539709444440_Claymore-ETH-3.png
    Ethminer v0.17.0.dev0-2
    0_1539709710676_Ethminer-ETH-2.png 0_1539709737968_Ethminer-ETH-3.png
    Bminer v10.4.0
    0_1539709889176_Bminer-ETH-2.png 0_1539709914861_Bminer-ETH-3.png

  • Staff

    Wow great test Doc, and thank you for sharing it with us! Looks like bminer squeaked ahead on the profit on this one by a hair! I'll be sure to let the bminer folks know about it :)


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