What is a Sick or Dead gpu? & how to fix

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    What is a sick or dead GPU and how do I fix this? I have restarted the rig and the same gpu keeps getting sick or dead.

  • Staff

    GPUs get sick and die when they are being pushed beyond their capacity, or the hardware is failing.
    From your screenshot your GPUs are not mining effectively; the hashrate is very high, but you are getting a lot of hardware errors (HW on the graph) and your cards are dying. Please try adjusting your Core and Memory clock values downward.
    Ideally what you want to see is a large Accept rate, this matters more than hashrate.

  • Hi lily thanks for the response, is there a command to see errors in HW hardware errors other than helpme? it seems all the gpu's on this rig had HW, even with original bios.rom and gpu settings.

  • Staff

    Hardware errors are listed on the miner details page, the one you have in your screenshot: Once in the graph, and again in each miners data (the HW column).

  • For me, the dead GPU issue was caused by poor GPU spacing. Nothing indicated overheating but I separated my GPU's to give them twice as much space and haven't had the problem again. When I did this, my hash rate also jumped up so I apparently wasn't given them enough breathing room.


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