Accept/Reject, HW and Power not showing in Minerfarm

  • The only thing I did was tu run pimpup and install the last update...


  • No information now. I don't know why. Same as when I wrote my question.


  • Staff

    Thank you hernan.

    Yes, we did provide a stats fix for agent in the 20181005 pimpup. This may be why you saw some stats. Also, if the stats going away, it may be due to a hardware issue.

    Claymore, believe it or not, is a poorly written miner which is throwing nvidia and amd library errors the entire time it runs. This prevents some of our data gathering for stats.

    Also, Claymore does not provide per-GPU accept/reject/HW stats. So that is why you cannot see them.

    You may find that trying another miner such as ethminer would be more suitable for your needs. This is why we try to include all the hottest miners. Ethminer itself takes a little more tuning, opposed to claymore's good automatic tuning, but ultimately it allows for more control over the cards and most people find it to be quite stable as well as allowing us to gather the stats.

    That being said if you would like more in depth assistance we are happy to help!
    Please provide a helpme and/or a screenshot.

    You may find troubleshooting like this easier in live chat Discord, you can find us at - Post there and we can chat with you in realtime and get you going.

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for your answer. I understand the point and will try Ethminer and see how it compares with Claymore. Will be in contact later if need more help.

    Best regards,


  • I am running Ethminer now and is working ok, but the Accept/Reject, HW and Power is not shown. The display is similar to the one using Claymore. I will keep running Ethminer for some time to see how it compares in shares accepted with Claymore.

    With thanks again,


  • Dear sirs: I updated ethminer to the last version (0.17.0.dev0-3+commit.83f626aa, and now the only info shown in the web interface is Status and the Hashrate. Accept/Reject, HW, Temp, Fan and power are shown as NA (Fan shows % and Power shows 0). Using the previous version the Temp and Fan were shown. Is there something I can do to show the missing information?

    With thanks,


  • Staff

    Use the miners that have already been integrated via pimpup. Whatever stats are provided by the miners are provided by Already explained in this thread above. What the miner provides is what we pass on. Easy peasy!

  • Dear sirs:

    I am just trying to understand why the info is not shown. I am using the miners integrated via pimpup. This is the address of the helpme page:

    If you can find a solution, great. If not, no problem. I will continue trying to find one.



  • Staff

    In your helpme, in the first block:
    NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.

    No stats will be shown because the driver cannot talk to the card. This message indicates a reboot is necessary, at the very least. If this message persists, you will need to reimage your rig.


  • Support

    Looking at your helpme, I can see that you still have your onboard video enabled.

    VGA compatible controller: ASPEED Technology, Inc. ASPEED Graphics Family (rev 30) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

    This will cause problems. Please follow the Motherboard Setup Guide to disable this.

    Also, please consider joining us on the PiMP Discord channel for real-time chat and support.


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