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2018-10-03 Wallet security and backups

  • Staff

    Welcome to the Notes for Clubhouse call: Oct-3-2018

    To get to the Call..... Click CLUBHOUSE CALLS voice channel in PiMP Discord!

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )




    PiMP Partners

    • Strategy Guides to assist with gaining partners (Coin Devs / Miner Devs / etc...)
    • PiMP working with blokspace.io pool. http://loki.blokspace.io/
      -- LOKI pool is up and running now. Couple of us PiMP's are already on.
      -- RVN pool has been requested.


    • UEFI is no longer required.
    • Pretty much ready... just holding out for a few miner dev fixes.
    • Expected release to Beta Team is sometime next week.


    • lolminer is working with PiMP Dev Team for some fixes.
    • cryptodredge v0.9.2 in the works / beta testing
    • xmr-stak known issue on 2.8.x. Fixed in 2.8.4b. (microhttpd 10 lib needs to go in /usr/local/lib)


    • Working out some Alpha bugs (not Melt bugs LOL)
    • Working on the subscription interface
    • Mail Service & Graphing is up next.
    • Followed with beta testing.


    • Doc hitting up the PiMP social media sites
    • Posting updates to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, bitcointalk.org.

    Crypto Wallets

    • Everyone hates the stand-alone desktop wallet apps, but sometimes we still have to use them.
    • syncing daemon can be troublesome and time consuming. ... and hard drive eating. (i.e. LOKI wallet storage is over 50GB)


    • Best practice: Do not get lazy - Move funds from web/exchange wallets to safe, private, protected wallets.
    • Do not keep money in exchanges - especially Cryptopia - MANY scams / hacks are being done at the exchange points.

    Hardware wallets (cold storage) are good options

    • Use them as your "bank"... Hardware wallet = savings account. Online/mobile wallets = checking account - Majority of your coin in the "savings account", small amount of coins in the "checking account".
    • Lily like the Trezor
    • Doc likes the Ledger Nano S

    Moble/Online Wallets

    • Web-wallets can be hacked - 2FA is key, email notifications are key, but is not the end-all
    • Melt likes the exodus.io desktop multi-wallet http://exodus.io
    • Doc likes the coinomi mobile multi-wallet (Desktop app soon) https://www.coinomi.com/
    • (In both multi-wallets above, user maintains the pass-phrases)

    Emergency Planning

    • Paper instructions with wallet addresses/passwords/keys/pass-phrases/etc... kept safe so that family knows what to do in case something was to happen to you.



    Wrap Up


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