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Should I raise the Power limit of my Geforce 1060's ?

  • Heyyy what's up guys !!
    I was thinking about pushing up the power limit of my 12 Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1060's. It's very cold down here in Montreal and because of that, even if my settings are:

    • NVCOffset: 120
    • NVMOffset: 800
    • NVPLimit: 100
    • temptarget: 70

    All of my gpu's are hitting a maximum of 40 degree's Celsius.
    So, what do you recommend me ? Should I raise the power limit ?
    For 6 Geforce 1060's, I'm actually consuming 700w on a 15A outlet.

    Thank you soo much !!

  • Staff

    That is way way too hot for those cards - you must reduce clocks and yes, try little more power. Maybe a fan would help.

  • Support

    40 degrees C... LOL

  • Really ? woow.. Pretty much everyone I know have their GPU's running at at least 60 degrees C. Thanks for the info !

  • Support

    Pretty sure Melt was joking about the temps...

    Anyway, increasing the power might allow you get get a better OC on them. You might be able to push the clocks a little more and bump your hashrate a little higher.

    The only catch to that is that you'll be increasing your power usage... this increases your overall costs and takes away from your profits. This is a game of efficiency, not highest hashrate. Remember, you want the highest hashrate, at the lowest temps, at the lowest power usage.

  • Ah ah ah ah ah lollll Okayyyy I get it !!
    In the summer, my gpu's will reach about 60 degrees Celcius. But now, it's getting cold down here. Sooo, why not boost the rig !!
    Thank you soo much guys for your help. Peace !


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