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Want to mod bios on AMD RX570 GPU

  • Im running PiMP-2.1-rc-amdgpu, (6) AMD GPU's total (3) Powercolor RX570 4GB, (3) MSI Armor RX570 4GB, Is there as way to do this in PiMP OS, or LUBUNTU.

    If not, I can use windows since I have GPUz, ATIFLASH, and POLARIS on my windows laptop. Note: my laptop is not connected to the AMD rig, only via remote SSH

    How would I extract the rom files from the AMD rig, and how and where do I replace them once modded back to the PiMP rig.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Staff

    This is a much asked for feature and we are hard at work verifying a solution. The AMD tool atiflash can be used to extract the bioses, and then write them back when you are done. It does not much matter where you work on the files.

    From a command session:

    atiflash -s 0 bios0.rom

    This will save a copy of the bios for card 0 into a file called bios0.rom. Modify this file using whatever tools you wish. Read the help file for atiflash, and poke around the intermuhnets for more information.

  • Anjin, Thanks for the response, I was able to use the command you specified to save the rom files, My question now is where did they get saved at what file would it be in?

  • Staff

    in the command 'atiflash -s 0 bios0.rom', the file would save in the current working directory of the shell you used to type the command, as a file called 'bios0.rom'

  • Anjin, Thanks a whole bunch, I got it. For anyone else needing to do this. Once you adjust your timing and have your bios.rom ready, upload it back into PiMP, then
    atiflash -f -p 0 <file name.rom> this programs it into your system.

  • Staff

    If you have the beta for 2.4, you will find we put Polaris Editor into PIMP now as well. Plus a couple other tools to get info out of the rom.

  • any good vbios.rom anyone wants to share for RX570 gpu's also need
    "AMDCoreClk": " _",
    "AMDMemClk": " ",
    "AMDPtune": "
    "fanspeed": "
    "temptarget": "
    Im using powercolor 570, and msi armor 570. everything

  • If it's of any use to anyone, I successfully modded my RX570 BIOS and adjusted timings today to get a steady 842H/s instead of the 640H/s I was getting out of the box.
    Used atiflash to extract the BIOS, then just used the "One click timing patch" button to generate the new values. Saved the modded image and flashed that to the card.
    That gave me 770H/s. Using this link https://linuxconfig.org/overclock-your-radeon-gpu-with-amdgpu I found that 8% overclock on the GPU clock and 14% on the Memory clock gave me a stable 842H/s
    If anyone has any tips on how to increase that figure then please let me know. I'm still new to this so constantly learning.


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