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Automated Bios Mod Tool

  • Beta Team

    I would like to see pimp automate some of the bios mod tools either utilizing commands from the existing gputool service or a new one. Some of the items it would allow for is a simple bios backup of all gpus in a rig and name them based on the type of gpu and another identifying item such as the pcie location and automated one-click bios mod for all gpus.

  • Beta Team

    I'm looking into this now, as I am getting 6 new cards which will require bios modding. Will keep you posted @Todd

  • Support

    This can get very complicated and skirt the edge of dangerous... AMD GPU's do not identify themselves in a unique way. Bus_ID's and GPU_ID's can change... You'd need a way to properly identify what GPU the BIOS is for or run the risk that someone could flash an incorrect BIOS. Good luck and I look forward to what you come up with.


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