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List of 25 New Coins and Algos added to PiMP for 20180920! Cryptonight party!

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    List of 25 New Coins and Algos added to PiMP for 20180920!!!
    All of the Cryptonight variants you can find!


    • Monero (XMR)
    • Lethean (LTHN) (former Intense)
    • Graft (GRFT)

    CryptoNight (Classic)

    • Electroneum (ETN)
    • Bytecoin (BCN)
    • DigitalNote (XDN)
    • Karbo (KRB)
    • LeviarCoin (XLC)


    • Stellite (XTL)

    CryptoNight Heavy

    • Loki (LOKI)
    • Saronite (XRN)

    CryptoNightXHV Heavy

    • Haven (XHV)

    CryptoNightV7 Lite

    • Aeon (AEON)
    • Turtlecoin (TRTL)

    CryptoNight Fast

    • Masari (MSR)


    • TrezarCoin (TZC)
    • Vivo (VIVO)
    • GoByte (GBX)
    • Phoenixcoin(PXC)
    • Qyno(QNO)
    • Innova(INN)
    • Orbitcoin(ORB)
    • Feathercoin(FTC)
    • Crowdcoin(CRC)
    • SimpleBank(SPLB)
    • Dinero(DIN)


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