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FLAGS Deep Dive: --Cuda-Schedule and --CPU-Priority commandline parameters

  • Staff

    This applies to ccminer, z-enemy, and some other nvidia miners.

    If you have a powerful CPU, you could try using the --Cuda-Schedule and --CPU-Priority command-line parameters to increase that thread’s access to the CPU.
    A higher CPU priority and a more aggressive scheduler setting would prevent other threads from using the same CPU core as the GPU mining thread.
    That could increase throughput depending on the algorithm you are mining and how many other background tasks are running.
    But don’t expect much of an increase in hash rates. If anything, it would only help stabilize the hash rate near its peak rate as opposed to increasing the peak.

    The cuda schedule controls how the gpu mining threads access the CPU. The default value is the most friendly to other processes running on the system as it surrenders CPU access as needed.
    The Spin and Yield options allocate more CPU time to the GPU mining process and its threads. Spin makes the CPU wait for the GPU process even if there is not any work - which can hog CPU usage but means the GPU miner rarely has to wait for CPU time.
    Yield is a compromise between the two. It wants more CPU access than the default, but it is still willing to give it up if the OS or some other background process needs it.

    Credits: hashauger


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