The Ikea Table => Wooden Cube Rig

  • Hello pimpers,

    I finished finally finished my rig and i decided to share with you the result.

    I used a low cost Ikea table i found on the street and added a wooden base, "doors" and fans for a proper airflow.

    My rig is in the living room, and as i will soon have a little one in the house i dont want him to put his fingers in the wrong place.

    So i customized the ikea table to get a cubic rig with good airflow and more security when a child is around.

    Here is the result.
    The rig is 5 * GTX 1060 and 1 * 1050TI.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Maybe someone else will be inspired :)

    Have a fun mining!

  • Staff

    Hey sup3rchin0is This is great work, what mobo did you use for those? Looks like it is a nice warm foot rest that also saves for the little one's new college fund :) Thanks for the pics!

  • Staff

    More duct tape man!!! I love the look of the air distribution engineering. You put 10 pounds of electronics, into a 5 pound box... then use carefully positioned air inlets for creating the turbulent exhaust flow that will keep the rig cool...

    Trying not to say dat be some ghetto rigging bro :) Might want to keep a good look at the temp over time charts for all the temp sensors your rig might have. Nice build though, inventive and redneck with a swedish flair.

  • @melt Hello Melt, Thanks for the message. I used the asrock with 6 pci-e slots. H1 something wich costs arround 80€. I cant remember the name exactly lol.

  • @anjin Hello Anjin,

    Thanks for the message.
    After 2 weeks with the rig running nearly 24/7, i never got more than 78° and that is if the fans are not running.
    With fans ON its between 66 to 76°, depending where the cards are with Equihash.
    With Cryptonight the temps never get past 67°.

    The fact that its winter in my country, is cool because i can warm up the living room & mine coins at the same time.

    Btw i like the redneck style ahaha.


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