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Sgminer crashes and rig reboots after pimpup

  • After running a pimpup to the latest version today, it seems to have messed up sgminer (mining for xmr) and it doesn't look like the rig is reporting to miner.farm properly anymore. When running sgminer, the CPU ramps up to 100% and when I try to stop it, the entire rig reboots. Even when the miner is running, nothing shows up on miner.farm. I've also tried pimpup --auto which also upgraded sgminer (or maybe just recompiled the same version, I'm unsure which) and that didn't seem to make a difference. I also noticed a ton of OS patches, so I ran apt upgrade as well, but didn't do a dist-upgrade. I'm at a loss as to what to do next, can someone help point me in the right direction?

  • Staff

    The latest pimpup did not make any changes that would result in that behavior. That being said, double check your gputool configuration (gpu-config.json), reboot, look at "top" to see what is using the cpu. Perhaps just skip the "pimpup --auto" as updating sgminer would be the only thing that would affect sgminer in particular. Also, might want to try the other xmr miners to see if they give you a better result. Sounds like sgminer is the culprit here.

    apt upgrade should be fine; definitely don't do-release-upgrade as it will break the kernel/driver setup.

    You could also simply reimage to restore the configuration that you liked for that particular hardware.
    Also, a helpme report would always be helpful if you need more details about your system and potential issues.

    That being said, saw you join the discord, but didn't say anything. Feel free to post your helpme there and ask questions as we try to be available at all times to help each other with mining. See you there!

  • Thank you for your help Melt. I got the miner back up and working this morning. I ended up re-imaging the hard drive thinking it was a software issue, but apparently one of my cards (or risers, I haven't got that far in my testing yet) turned out to be causing the issue.

    I will be more talkative next time I just in discord. I was trying to do that during business hours and had too much going on to take the time to join/setup an account, which is why I jumped on the forums. Thanks again!

  • Staff

    Okay Vincit, Glad you got it worked out. Thanks for updating us. See you soon!


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