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RavenCoin (RVN) Strategy Guide

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    How to use Z-enemy miner to mine RavenCoin on PiMP OS.

    How to Get your Ravencoin Wallet

    • Download the wallet for windows: https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/releases/download/v0.15.99.0/windows-x86_64.zip
    • Install the wallet and open the application.
    • The first sync of the wallet will take a while. it's normal. You can already get your wallet address, while it syncs.
    • Get your RVNWallet Address by going to the Receive tab, then click on Request Payment and Copy Address. You will need this Address for miner configuration.(edited)

    How to Use Z-enemy on PiMP OS:

    • Run pimpup and update pimpup and/or pimp software if prompted.

    • Press enter to go to the miners menu.

    • Select z-enemy from the list by typing its number.

    Example "[21] (nvid) zenemy v1.18: x16r/xevan/phi/more cuda miner [zenemy.multi.pcfg]" you would type 21 and hit enter.

    • Update miner "zenemy"? Y/n Press enter.

    • It will say ** SUCCESS ** New miner installed, binary is /opt/miners/zenemy/z-enemy

    • Press q and then Enter to quit.


    • If you want to see all miners you can see it in the list with pimp --add, it is profile 2601 (nvid) zenemy: x16r/xevan/phi/more [zenemy.multi.pcfg]

    • pimp --add 2601 to add the miner.

    Example it will say miner added, and you can test it with pimp --test X where X is the number of the miner.

    • pimp --test 5 (or whatever number it added) to test it. After a moment you will see the miner screen.

    • If it is mining, close the miner with Control-C.


    • pimp --edit 5 (or whatever number it added) to edit the config file.

    • Pick the pool / wallet of your choice. use # to block the lines that you do not want, and remove the # from the lines you do want. # means ignore (in a pcfg file.)


    • pimp --test 5 again to start mining again and connect to the miner screen. make sure it shows that it is mining.



    • Once you have at least 1-2 accepted shares, Double check on miner.farm farm view and on your pool side to make sure you are sending hashes to the correct place.

    Apologies, this rig happens to be connected to minerfarm 3 currently in dev, so enjoy the sneak peak, but your mileage may vary. Here you can see accepted shares and it's been running stable for 2 hours. Thank you very much for reading, and the rest of the guide may offer tuning and troubleshooting tips. Comment below with your findings and questions!



    Here is some more information that I gathered from the Z-enemy btctalk forum topic as well as from their testers in their Discord.

    Special thanks to dk and Enemy as well as the rest of the advisors and testers in Z-enemy discord, for cooperation with PiMP and for all of your great work!

    First time or troubleshooting x16:

    • important thing is intensity. We recommend intensity -19 at first, however if your PC has 8GB or more, fast SSD, and big swap file on it you may use -20/21.
    • X16r algo is very wild and eratic. Very important Make sure to have enough power reserve on PSU. Please be sure you have a minimum 20% headroom on your PSU or set your PL on 70-80% usage.
    • Using +core and +mem is useful but, use no OC at first until you verify stability.
    • z-enemy is reported to be more stable when it using higher PL (90-110%) and +core and +memory overclocking, feel free to experiment with it.
    • Recommended intensity is 20, set 21 only if you know what you are doing. ( 16GB RAM or/and good SWAP file on SSD) Use caution
    • Recommended memory 0 or +
    • Recommended core +50+150 ( 1800-1900MHz 1080 Ti)
    • Overclock slowly and allow plenty of time to verify stability (12-24hrs) before making anymore adjustments. x16r is a very chaotic algorithm so just because it works for 1 hr doesn't mean you can't crash over longer time. Sometimes hash order can lead to 2000+mhz and crash system. Keep in mind – overclocking is always at your own risk!
    • Yiimp pools recommend manual diff (-p d=16) - for small farms or (-p d=48 ) - for good farms like 5-6 1080 Ti If you need to name your rigs as well as set diff you may try -p rigname,d=16
    • slow blocks, lower diff - 23 - fast blocks, higher diff - 20

    Diff x16 can be calculated by mutliplying the following:

    Number of 1060's multiplied by 3-4
    Number of 70ti's or 80's multiply by 4-8
    Number of 80ti's multiply by 6-12

    example: If you have 3 1060's then diff would be 9-12
    if you have 8 70ti's then your diff would be 48-96

    Testing from the Miner Devs:

    Random public tests zealot/enemy-1.08:

    Enemy 1.08 Vs Silent Miner v1.0.9 by JackIT: https://ravenforum.org/topic/33/enemy-1-08-vs-a1min3r-only-human-vs-silent-miner-v1-0-9

    Fine tuning tests by JackIT: Enemy 1.08 various settings – Test https://ravenforum.org/topic/32/enemy-1-08-various-settings-test

    Speed tests by JackIT: Suprminer 1.6 Vs. Enemy 1.08 Vs. Ravencoin Miner - Test Results https://ravenforum.org/topic/31/suprminer-1-6-vs-enemy-1-08-vs-ravencoin-miner-test-results

    Dev fee:

    • dev fee 1% to the miner devs (PiMP Does not take any dev fees)
    • Dev fee will start randomly when miner is first started. After 1% of time mined then automatically switches back to user pool.

    Information about x16:

    Every block contain 16 random algos.

    All algos have Fast, Medium and Slow speeds so depending on the order and what speeds they are will determine your hashrate at any given time.

    Fast: Blake (Blk),Bmw512(Bmw), Keccak (Kck), Skein(Ske), Shabal(Shb), Sha512(Sha)
    Medium: Jh512 (Jh5), Luffa (Luf), Cube(Cub), Shavite (Shv), Fugue (Fug), Whirlpool (Wrl)
    Slow: Groestl (Gro), Simd (Smd), Echo (Ech), Hamsi (Ham)

    Block 181085, difficulty 20228.532
    Hashorder: EchFugBmwShaJh5FugShvEchSmdBmwHamWrlJh5KckSkeHam

    Means first algo is Slow Echo (Ech)> next Medium Fugue (Fug) > …> last Hamsi (Ham). The more fast algos in a block is what drives miner speed to the moon! (more MH)

    Other coins supported by this profile:

    List of coins/algos/examples included out of the box with PiMP: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/4543/over-128-coins-added-for-mining-on-nvidia-in-pimpup-20180906-many-new-algorithms

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