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Over 128 Coins added for mining on NVIDIA in pimpup 20180906!!!!! Many new algorithms!

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    Over 128 Coins added for mining on NVIDIA!!!!!

    Use Zenemy and/or CryptoDredge profiles - examples included!

    (Added in the pimpup 20180906) BIG THANKS TO DOCDRYDENN!!!!!

    ========== x16r ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: Ravencoin(RVN), Stonecoin(STONE), MotionProjec(XMN),
    Gravium(GRV), HTHCoin(HTH), Hilux(HLX), Anodos(ANDS),

    ========== x16s ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: ACeD(ACED), Shield(XSH-x16s), Rabbit(RABBIT),
    Reden(REDN), Pigeon(PGN)
    ========== bitcore ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: BitCore(BTX)

    ========== phi ========== (Zenemy) & (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: Seraph(SERA), Fonero(FNO), Folm(FLM)

    ========== sonoa ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: Sonoa(SONO)

    ========== renesis ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: Renesis(RESS)

    ========== xevan ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: Krait(KRAIT), Ellerium(ELP), B-hash(HASH), Elliot(ELLI),
    UralsCoin(URALS), BitSend(BSD)

    ========== tribus ========== (Zenemy) & (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: Scriv(SCRIV), Tincoin(TIN), Denarius(DNR)

    ========== hex ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: XDNA(XDNA)

    ========== x17 ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: Bitmark(MARKS), SHIELD(XSH-x17), MKTCoin(MLM), Verge(XVG)

    ========== c11 ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: A.M.P.(XMP), AXS(AXS), JoltGas(JLG), Bithold(BHD),
    Interzone(ITZ), Chaincoin(CHC), Flaxscript(FLAX)

    ========== aergo ========== (Zenemy)
    Coins: AeriumX(AEX)

    ========== allium ========== (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: Tuxcoin(TUX), Garlic(GRLC)

    ========== blake2s ========== (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: Verge(XVG-blake2s), SHIELD(XSH-blake2s), Infocoin(INFO),
    Tajcoin(TAJ), NevaCoin(NEVA)

    ========== lyra2v2 ========== (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: Davies(DVS), Methuselah(SAP), Hanacoin(HANA), Kreds(KREDS),
    MTI-Coin(MTI), Argentum(ARG-lyra2v2), Absolute(ABS),
    Racecoin(RACE), SHIELD(XSH-lyra2v2), Verge(XVG-lyra2v2),
    Galactrum(ORE), Straks(STAK), Unitus(UIS-lyra2v2), Mona(MONA),

    ========== lyra2z ========== (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: Glyno(GLYNO), Gentarium(GTM), Stimcoin(STM), MCT coin(MCT),
    Mano(MANO), Vertical(VTL), Zcore(ZCR), Alpenschilli(ALPS),
    Gincoin(GIN), Infinex(IFX), Criptoreal(CRS), Taler(TLR),

    ========== neoscrypt ========== (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: Qyno(QNO), IQ Cash(IQ), Linc(LINC), LiteBitcoin(LBTC),
    01Coin(ZOC), HashRentCoin(HARC), MasterBit(MBC), Momo(MOC),
    SimpleBank(SPLB), Zixx(XZX), Suncoin(SUN), BTCMonster(MON),
    CoreZ(CRZ), LUCKY(LUCKY), BANQ(BANQ), Nyxcoin(NYX), Coin2Fly(CTF),
    Dinero(DIN), QBIC(QBIC), Cerberus(CBS), Rapture(RAP), Sparks(SPK),
    Tune(TUN), Goa(GOA), Ignition(IC), Desire(DSR), Vivo(VIVO),
    Trezarcoin(TZC), Innova(INN), GoByte(GBX), Crowd(CRC),
    OrbitCoin(ORB), Halcyon(HAL), UFOCoin(UFO), Gun(GUN),
    Feathercoin(FTC), Phoenixcoin(PXC)

    ========== phi2 ========== (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: Lux(LUX)

    ========== skein ========== (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: H2O Coin(H2O), Timecoin(TIMEC), Ferrumcoin(FRM), CurveCoin(CURV),
    Aurora(AUR-skein), Argo(ARGO), Myriad(XMY-skein), Unitus(UIS-skein),
    Digibyte(DGB-skein), Numus(NMS), Skeincoin(SKC), BashCoin(BASHC)

    ========== skunk ========== (CryptoDredge)
    Coins: Cognito(COG), Magnatum(MGT)


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