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Remaining profitable in the hot summer - Add your thoughts!

  • Staff

    Hey pimps just wanted to share some thoughts that have been discussed in the clubhouse lately.

    It is quite possible to remain profitable in this hot summer even with the coin prices the way they are.

    Personally, I'm mining and holding the coins until they moon. IMHO it is impossible for the value of the top coins to go to zero. So you can just say "the profit i am making sucks now but it'll have been worth it when the coins I hold become worth a bunch!

    It is also possible to keep the cards running smooth and cool by tuning and by mining other coins that are easier on the cards and generate less heat.

    i'm at 0.14c/kwh usd.

    Some people have 'summer costs' on power, but to run the ac to make the house livable can be a battle.

    At my home lab farm, I chose to plastic off the farm floor to ceiling to keep the warmth from invading the house, and also put it in a grow tent, and duct in a 8k BTU LG portable unit - it's another 1000W but it keeps that room between 80-90F and doesn't load the house A/C. The rest of the basement area is much cooler now.

    Other great techniques include tuning, the AMD RX series especially, down under 100W and just puttering along, with some of the cryptonight coins doing well lately, those are good summer coins to mine as they are a lot less heat.

    Comment below on your success stories, suggestions and further questions!


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