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Can't get PIMP to download correctly. HDD raw copy will not see the .img

  • Hi, I just bought a copy this afternoon! I am excited to get started, it looks like a really cool product! I have been using ethOS for a while and stumbled across this. Looks to solve some of my problems, but I can't get it to load onto my SSD. I have a 120GB SSD recognized by HDD raw copy. When I go to start the copy process, HDD hard copy will not see the .img file. If I look at the file with disk tools, it says it is corrupted. I used 7zip and windows zip to decompress the files. I have downloaded and re-downloaded maybe 5 times now. Raw copy sees the ethOS .iso just fine. Any suggestions?

  • I was attempting to use raw copy before. Using dmde, I was able to do a write to the SSD. dmde went through its whole process and finished successfully. I powered down my PC an removed the SSD. After install on the new mining rig, it boots with the message "this is not a bootable disk, insert a bootable disk". SSD is on SATA 0 and is recognized as such by the BIOS. I think it is corrupt after the download.

  • Staff

    Try fetching it again. We have tens of thousands of users, and the majority have no issues. We are working on additional distribution sites, as well better image validation tools.

  • Check you antivirus software first. And check your filesystem. You can not download image to FAT32 disc.

  • 64 bit windows 10. The file turns up corrupted when it is downloaded. How can I "check my anivirus software" to make sure that doesn't happen? I will continue to download in hopes that I get a good copy.

  • Does the zip unzip without error? The archive will give an error if the download was corrupted. Also use 7-zip to unpack it also allows you to check the integrity of the archive.

  • You can try a different browser or download manager.

  • I did this the first time, using HDD to flash the zip to the drive which it does without complaint. Make sure the IMG is unzipped first before


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