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How do I keep the monitor on, or wake it up?

  • Staff

    I'm trying to access the rig monitor, and I can't seem to get it to open. How can I keep it from going to sleep so I can see it all the time?

  • Thanks for reaching out! In order to keep the monitor engaged all the time, use xset dpms force on

  • How do I get it to sleep after 5 mins, but still wake on mouse or keyboard move?

  • Why attach a monitor, keyboard & mouse to the rig? Just use SSH from another computer or even your cell phone and you can see the rig. You only need to use a few commands, like pimp --start, ms, screen -r etc.

  • @mosesong I'm removing the monitor with the next GPU install in a couple days, but I need to figure out how to get my router and comcast modem to give me access while I'm not on the network. I've failed to correctly setup my netgear router to give me access. I've gotten static IP for the PiMP rig that is connected via ethernet to the router, but I'm at a loss in my googleFu in getting access when I'm not on the same network via putty/SSH.

    Do you have any pointers that would allow this or know better search terms to use in finding a good solution without paying for a static IP from a vendor? Any help or links would be appreciated.

  • Not sure what you're trying to accomplish while not on your network. If you just want to monitor your mining rig, you can just use https://miner.farm/ which come with free account when you purchase Pimp. If you want to control the miner, then the paid subscription of miner.farm is probably what you need.

    Can you connect to your rig off home network? There should be a way, but it's not easy, and I never bother to do it since I don't have that need. If you want, look into "ssh tunneling". To me, it's not worth the trouble.

  • @mosesong correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't edit conf files from miner farm, correct? I'd like to be able to set things up while not at my warehouse in my evening "downtime". Eventually I'll have all my profiles setup and switching between them can be done via miner farm, but I'm not there yet and SSH from across town would be convenient.

  • miner.farm simply reads the data coming from the miners of the rig. you dont edit anything on miner.farm except to create your alerts based on rules in the alert view. everything to "edit" is on the pimp rig, and yes setting up port forwarding on your router to be able to SSH on port 22 to your rig is recommended. but be sure to use a really strong password as you are exposing your rig to the outside world.

  • Or be more secure than port forwarding by using a business-class router that supports VPN and have access to all nodes in your home network without a lot of work. Worked for me.

    EDIT: My choice was a NetGear WAC510-100NAS. No more expensive than your standard household wifi router, but with a lifetime warranty on top of the other added features.


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