2018-08-08 minerfarm3 continues to rock, pimp 2.8.1 coming

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    Welcome to the Notes for Clubhouse call: Aug-8-2018

    To get to the Call..... Click CLUBHOUSE CALLS voice channel in PiMP Discord!

    Welcome/Intros (intro thread: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/1465/please-introduce-yourself-here/ )




    Coin prices - direct bearing on ETF news - postponement
    coinmarketcap.com - look at the graphs - almost all coins follow the same market
    We know the crypto is tracking with the stocks now - it's only a matter of time
    Robinhood App now is a great alternative to Coinbase - we all hate coinbase for being a monopoly and having terrible / nonexistent support - and a long history of being inhospitable to pimp as a merchant
    Referral llink is https://share.robinhood.com/justinc1278

    Miner.farm 3 still progressing faster than ever - ability to create/delete farm - but you will not be able to sign up without being a pimp customer - for now. (Since the agent really only works with PiMP at this time.)

    • will be ready for alpha next month - melt is already testing - and finding that everything works great
    • config editing

    PiMP OS image 2.8.1 right around the corner - rolling up many of the 2.8 beta bugs - will be in alpha this week

    • miner packaging roll ups were successful
    • AMD 18.20 drivers working well
    • NVIDIA CUDA 9.2 and 384.16 drivers working well
    • slight hashrate increases

    Referral program: Looking good. About 1 in 10 visitors buy. This is great.

    Newsletter following remains strong - nearly 4,000 pimps subscribed, over 30% open rate, way over the industry norm.


    Wrap Up


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