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Cannot boot pimp on ssd

  • Alright

    Starting again:

    Step one:

    This is the SSD i´m using

    Step two:
    Opening up HDD Raw and selecting source

    Step three:
    Selecting destination

    Step four:

    Ready to press start

    Step five:

    Beginning to flash

    It´s done now

    And 2 new volumes has been made: D & E

    What is my next step ?

    And if you say unmount/eject - what volume and how to do so in Win10?

    After that - power down, remove SSD1 ( c: ) and make SSD2 primary and only hdd in system ( drives D&E right now ) and reboot ?

  • Staff

    I am not a windows user, so I can only hope someone else jumps in. Without a windows machine to test stuff I find thru Google, all I can do is say 'Perhaps..' With OS X, I use the Disk Utility. In Linux I just unmount the volume and make sure the GPT is written and closed.

    As for what to eject/close, it would be the disk itself. The OS must view the media as removable and when you are done, as the OS to remove it from the system. Please search the forum for lots of walk throughs, videos, etc.

  • Unmount/eject

    1. Right bottom corner (task bar)
    2. Up arrow (Show hidden icons)
    3. Look for "Safely remove hardware" (this is only shown when external devices are pluged in)

    Please do have in mind that my Win10 are in my native language. Therefore english expresions stated above are not 100% accurate. But i am sure you know what it is all about.

  • 0_1513154696860_2.jpg

  • So, here is what i found out.

    1. I tried to make a boot disk from 4 different copies. of PIMP. I tried them on 2 diffeent computers. I received different result from different copies (each copy reported diffeent problem) and from different computers (the same copy reported different issues on different computers).

    2. I ran the procedure as administrator from my account and from administrator˙s account.

    3. I found out that you cannot run HDDRawCopy if you are not online (this is very interesting).

    So, it obviously doesnt work. And, obviously, you should explain the need for internet connection. Not to mention that i had problems running Win10. There is no reasonable explanation for this. Or maybe I am wrong.

    I put the copy of Ubuntu on one of my computers. Without any difficulties. Iso, bootable disk, run ... Everything in first attempt, as always. I cannot imagine why thee is so many problems with your SW.

    I need point put also that it is very strange to sell SW to people and when you should offer support, you refuse it with the explanation that you do not know anything about Win systems. Oh, please ....

  • Staff

    Ales, I simply said I, as in me... just me... can only try to help you as I do not use windows at all. Please note that I said perhaps others in the community can jump in to help. But the community also works on social interaction. Those that make it easy to work with, are open to new ideas, and willing to change or adjust their methods.. folks like that get lots of help and are always guided to a happy and profitable rig that is reliable, remote manageable, and capable of hashing most any coin.

    Booting a live CD is a differing process than doing an OS image. Because so much data is transferred between the coin network and the miner, it makes no sense to boot without perm storage on the rig. You need reliable and quick local storage to save the work you are doing, and have done. So please do not think a live image is satisfactory, there is a reason we ship only an SSD image. Windows seems to have some issues with correctly identifying removable media, google leads to lots of discussions about this. Perhaps you might have a sata to usb dongle?

    We also do not sell or make the tools in the chain, like HDDRawCopy. This is only one tool as well that can do the work. I like to say that 1000 ways work in IT, 100 of those in every condition, 10 of those are optimal. Its only when we are willing to adjust our process, learn new methods, and understand the how and why things work, that we we can insure we find one of the thousand that works on the configuration we each have to produce successful results.

    So please, do not take my own choice to not use or support windows, as a black mark against this community. There are lots of folks that use windows here, with multiple rigs running. But please try and accept that while a small fee came with the license, it is community supported and we need to engage that community to try and help you as well. Getting them to engage though does usually take some kindness and willingness to adapt... without insults or anger. Shrug :)

    If you have a running Ubuntu instance, perhaps we can try working from there? Boot the computer from Ubuntu, attach the drive to that computer using a SSD to USB adpater. DD the image from there. Make sure its all good togo before shutting down. Then we can eject the drive and you can install it in your rig and see if it flys.

  • You are right. Negative energy (for example the one which comes from anger) attracts more negativ energy. But if someone tells the truth it doesnt mean he/she is angry.

    The biggest problem is that the product is advertised as very easy to deal with. And now you admit it. It can be easy if you are very experienced in Linux/Unix platforms or if you have luck that everything works withuout knowing why.

    So, i tried it and I dont see any problem to put even more effort into it. Before i do that, I need to ask you following (to see if there are any benefits for me or this is just different approach of enthusiasts, who like Linux better and believe that they are more efficient with this approach).

    A) As I can see, I cannot run the rig with mixed GPU`s (nVidia and AMD chipset). Am I right?
    B) What do I gain with your system? Can I count on better hashrate? Or ...? (We have remote managment, wake up, ... on windows for example)

    So, lets presume that we will build rigs on this platform and at then end we will succeed. My biggest concern is what will happen later. If something goes wrong, we will need a week or two to start them again, as we are not Linux professionals.

    I am very thankful for your answer. Have a good night.

  • Staff

    Hello ales. Of course, most people have a very easy time and it works according to the documentation. In your case it has not been so easy. We are very disappointed that our product was not for you. Please provide your order number and we will provide you a refund immediately.

  • Staff

    The product is very easy for many, in fact most users. The path to understanding requires growth and time no matter the vehicle you choose. Pimp is here to help and support you, get you to the working end with the best hash rates and reliability in the end.

    We also provide a community that helps in every way they can. Sharing tips, hits, help. As for running with mixed GPU's, there are enough kernel changes required to support AMD or NVIDIA, that its always been best to run with an os built for one or the other. Deep kernel changes are required. But, this is requested a lot, and we are listening. More to come later about this... sorry to be a tease, but..

    You gain stability and support for a huge number of alt coins, quick inclusion of new miners, updates to existing miners, tunable and tradeable configs to maximize payouts. As for imaging, its normally not an issue with folks. So I continue to be baffled where the issue lies on your side. I cannot replicate it myself. Using drive images is supposed to remove the need for you to learn linux. You make the working image in the OS of your choice, then just boot it up...

    So I am not sure what to offer you anymore man. I really do not mean to offend you in any way. I know it sucks to have an exceptional issue that does not impact others... its hard for us to see whats wrong when we can make it break the way you do.

  • hey melt

    thank you for your offer. here is my order number: 9850.

    Anjin, thank you for your support. I wish all of you a lot of efficient mining.

    Best regards,


  • Staff

    Try us again in the future. Maybe you will have success. Thanks for trying!

  • I've been running into problems with this as well. I've tried Imaging the AMD 2.3.3 version onto a 32 gig SSD using dmde and HD Raw, when I boot it comes up with the grub prompt nothing else. I had this rig up and running with pimp OS in the past so it may be a change with the image. As far as I can tell it's a failure with grub not finding the CFG file when I look in Partition to I can see the grub directory but when I try to access it it says invalid Extant. I will try to post images of my issue later.

  • Staff

    If you are having this issue, jump into Discord and ping one of us directly.

  • Staff

    New Release 2.4.1 should resolve this issue. Have a great day!!!

  • @anjin thats how i got here, lol.
    @melt thanks melt. My boss is having me build a rig to run at the office and I want to run it on Pimp vs Windows, so i am refreshing my knowledge of Pimp by reactivating my license. When is 4 being released?


  • Staff

    pmwhitfield, use the newest 2.4.1 image. It will probably solve your issues. Was released today.

  • @anjin. Thanks bunches. Will check it out tomorrow, I have social obligations tonight.


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