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Cannot boot pimp on ssd

  • Hi everyone

    I have a problem booting - i've just got my new ssd and flashed it with pimp.

    When booting i've only got error messages.
    Pimp for nvidia

    Please help - never ever used Linux systems before.!

    alt text

  • See screen here : https://ibb.co/nr5Ehw

    Dont know what might be wrong

  • I had the same problem. Make sure you eject the drive after imaging. I used a SATA to USB i took out of an old external HD.

  • What do you mean by Ejecting it ?

    My system has windows 10 on SSD 1 and now I added SSd 2 and did the imaging.
    Used HDD raw copy tool

    When it has imaged the SSD, should I then do anything other than closing down the program, shut down system, disconnect SSD 1 and then have the system boot on SSD 2 ?

    Thanks alot guys, i'm a bit lost

  • Staff

    Nooze, means besure the operating system has closed the volume using the OS tools. Windows will offer you the option to EJECT removable media to be sure all writes are finished and the drive is closed.

  • Hi Anjin

    Did a search on how to eject my SSD HD ( connected via sata ) and all I could find was was using file explorer.
    That has an eject option, but i'm fairly sure it is used for media like Cd's, USB and such.

    Tryed to re image and see if that helped and it did not.

    Can you perhaps just point me the correct direction ?
    Would love to use PiMP - is it normally so difficult to install or am I just beeing a total blonde here ? :)

  • @noooze Hello. Try DMDE utility for image recording. https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/12/how-to-write-the-pimp-os-image-using-windows/2

  • Staff

    Nooze, the eject works with any media. It forces all the writes to clear, and closes any open files/partitions. Always a good idea to use it with any media before removing.

  • Can any one show me how to do it in Windows 10?

    I have no eject option on my ssd ( via sata ) - bit lost

  • I imaged 2 rigs successfully on windows 10 by just powering down the computer and removing the drive.

  • Staff

    Windows will only show you an eject option on a removable media. Just power down before pulling the internal drive out of the rig.

  • Hi guys

    Thank you so much for trying to help me out! :)

    Alright - so when I flashed it I shut the computer off, removed SSD1 and put my newly flashed SSD 2 as boot.
    Could not boot at all.

    So i tryed agin and went looking for the eject option.
    I have taken a screenshot showing that my SDD cannot be ejected - the button is grey and inactive.

    Am I lookiung the wrong place ?


  • Look at previous message from Anjin. Just power down before pulling the internal drive out of the rig.

  • Hi Blackice

    Please see my message above :)
    After flashing i powered Down system and it did not work

  • Hi

    I have exactly the same problem.

    I was told that my prosblem is a disk (i use USB disk; disk, not a stick).

    It looks like something is wrong with Linux.

    Check this


    Maybe it will be something to start on.

  • Another question.

    Is this only bootable (mobile) version or can it be installed directly to computer`s hard disk?

  • Another thing

    I saw someone asked if the licence is connected to one MB.

    I made bootable disk on one computer and then i took it to another. Do you think this could be a problem?

  • My disk is a normal ssd and plugged in like a normal harddrive.

    I find it very fustration that installation cannot be done - feel like I spend money a product that will never bee operational - the most simple task is now a major pain point.
    I mean - I follow the instructions to the letter.

    Ask for help and I keep getting told I should eject it - ask how it can be done and I still just get told to eject it.
    I write that I shut down the system before removing ssd and then once again get told to power down before removing disk.

    I mean - if I could just install it and see it running - I would be soo happy.
    Installation should be quite simple and not require a Linux education - perhaps advanced tweeking would require knowdlege, but PiMP is marketed as easy to install and easy to use..

  • exactly.
    I bought PIMP becaus it was advertised as easy to use as it gets. But it is not.

    I have heard few minutes ago that I dot kow how to make a bootable drive.

    Tens of thousands users does it, but me and noooze cannot do it. :) My question is following. If you have sold it in tens of thousands of copies, you made (probably) hundreds of thousands of USD and you cant make step by step tutorial? If everything is so easy, also a good tutorial shouldnt be too much for them. :)

  • Staff

    The license is not connected to a MB. One rig per customer up and running. Swapping computers for making the boot drive is fine as well.

    First steps is take a close look at how you are making the media, and if the media is good. Saying others simply implies there might be a way you have not tried, and not that anyone is doing things wrong. The simple tutorial works for most... All I can do is apologize and then try and help you get past the issue. We gave the OS away until recently as well, so the income is not as great as you seem to think. The step by step tutorials that have been made, by staff and users alike, seem to work for the majority.. but since none of these work for you.. perhaps you can help us by walking through it step by step and finding a way that does work... and you can help us document that up. It is a community thing after all.


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