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Bitcoin.org Removed from Bitcoin Core Website

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    Bitcoin.org Removed from Bitcoin Core Website

    About four days ago news.Bitcoin.com reported on a dispute concerning the removal of the owner of Bitcoin.org, an anonymous figure known as ‘Cobra.’ At the time a Github contributor opened an issue on the website’s repository, saying that Cobra had become untrustworthy for showing support towards the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Then the CEO of Blockstream and a large swarm of Bitcoin Core supporters insisted the domain should be handed over to someone else. Since then the maintainers of the BTC repository also removed all of the associated links to Bitcoin.org from the Core client’s website.

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    The CEO of Blockstream Thinks Cobra Should Transfer Control to a Trusted Person or Group

    Bitcoin.org Removed from Bitcoin Core Website Many Bitcoin Core (BTC) proponents have been upset at the owner of Bitcoin.org for showing some support towards the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) protocol. Four days ago a Github contributor opened an issue that stated a number of individuals feared Cobra because he started “suddenly propagandizing BCH as ‘The Real Bitcoin.’” The individual further noted that he didn’t feel comfortable that a pseudonymous person has “total control of the Bitcoin.org domain name.”

    Then in a different chat channel the CEO of Blockstream, Adam Back, asked Cobra to relinquish control over the domain “to a trusted person or group to hold in trust for the public interest.” Back also lambastes Cobra for caring about “Bcash” and at the very least Cobra should call BCH — “Bcash.” Cobra then responds and states “I’m waiting for names Adam.” Back then replies back “Cobra maybe Wladimir? — How about in terms of a name you transferred domain control to Theymos — You obviously know, and trust him quite well for many years from several sites and domains you’ve both maintained.”

    Cobra didn’t seem to like Back’s commentary, stating:

    Adam, you should not be the CEO of Blockstream. I think you should transfer control of Blockstream to Warren Togami or something… Adam, this notion of “community property” only exists in your head because you want to influence who owns Bitcoin.org so they submit to your agenda.

    <figure id="attachment_194565" style="width: 1100px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Bitcoin.org Removed from Bitcoin Core Website

    <figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Blockstream CEO, Adam Back’s interesting conversation with Cobra.</figcaption>


    Bitcoin.org Links Decoupled from Bitcoincore.org

    Following the argument between Back and Cobra, this past Sunday a Github commit to the Bitcoin Core website went viral on cryptocurrency forums and social media. The commit called ‘Adjust bitcoincore.org links’ was merged by the most prominent (as far as writing Core code) Bitcoin Core developer, Wladimir van der Laan. Essentially Wladimir removed associated links to Bitcoin.org from the Bitcoincore.org website. Immediately a Github contributor named Daniel Ginovker spoke out against the move to delete the links.

    “Seriously? You guys are that upset at Cobra for not denouncing Bitcoin Cash?” Ginovker asks the Core developers.

    Cobra, if you read this, I genuinely am on your side at this point. You’ve done an excellent job with Bitcoin.org, and it is in your domain. Don’t succumb to this Blockstream bullying forcing you to give up your playing cards.

    However, other Core contributors were pleased with the decision to remove Bitcoin.org associations, and Jonas Schnelli explains the decision had nothing to do with Cobra.

    “This has nothing to do with Cobra or any other influencer — The reason why we still linked to Bitcoin.org was historical since the domain was once owned by Satoshi,” explains Bitcoin Core developer Jonas Schnelli. “It’s a natural and logical step to decouple the Bitcoin Core project from any centralised organised website — Bitcoin Core is the/a reference implementation of the Bitcoin Protocol and there is no need to link it with any website outside of the projects control.”

    Bitcoin.org Removed from Bitcoin Core Website

    Cobra: ‘Bitcoin is Much Bigger Than Bitcoin Core’

    Following the merge, Cobra writes to his followers on Twitter saying, “Bitcoin is much bigger than Bitcoin Core.”

    Bitcoin Core (BTC) proponents don’t know what to think of Cobra, and it’s safe to say a great majority of BTC supporters don’t trust him. It’s also clear and evident that the angst towards Cobra is because he’s not towing party lines and because he doesn’t use the phrase ‘Bcash.’ For now, the Github request, the Blockstream CEO, and the slew of Core followers have not phased Cobra, and it doesn’t seem like he will be relinquishing the domain any time soon.

    What do you think about the controversy towards Cobra and the how Core supporters want him to relinquish the Bitcoin.org domain? What do you think about Core developers removing Bitcoin.org links from the website? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

    Images via Shutterstock, Pixabay, Github, Bitcoin.org, and Reddit.

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