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GPUTool error with GTX980ti

  • I have a 4 GPU setup (GTX980ti, 1070, 1070ti) and have applied the latest PIMPUP. I have no issues with the 1070/ti cards when using the latest GPUTool. However, I get the following results for the 980ti GPU when executing gputool --config:

    Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

    GPU 2: Fan Speed set to 60%
    GPU 2: PowerLimit set to 250 W
    GPU 2: !
    ERROR: The attribute 'GPUGraphicsClockOffsetAllPerformanceLevels' specified
    in assignment
    '[gpu:2]/GPUGraphicsClockOffsetAllPerformanceLevels=100' cannot be
    assigned (it is a read-only attribute).

    GPU 2: !
    ERROR: The attribute 'GPUMemoryTransferRateOffsetAllPerformanceLevels'
    specified in assignment
    '[gpu:2]/GPUMemoryTransferRateOffsetAllPerformanceLevels=200' cannot
    be assigned (it is a read-only attribute).

    PiMP version:
    PIMP version 2.5-all
    PIMP CLI v20180423
    PIMP software package version v20180727

  • Nothing?

  • Developer

    Good morning Bryan,

    I do apologize that you haven't received a reply to your post, usually all posts are replied to, but it appears on this occasion your post slipped through the net, I'm so sorry for this.

    A 'pimpup' to the latest release as of yesterday should hopefully resolve this. Always good though to check the seating of your 4 gpu's to your riser card's as they can move over time, and also all power and data cables. If that fails, I would be recommend re-imaging to the latest PiMP OS version 2.6, as their have been updates to drivers, etc.

    Please do let us know how you get on Bryan, and of course you can always chat with us on Discord.

    Best, Louis

  • Louis- Thank you for the reply. The behavior is the same after running pimpup and checking the power/data cables. I will give 2.6 a try in the near future.

  • Developer

    Good Evening Bryan,

    Yes, please do give 2.6 a try when time permits, and see if this resolve the issue, also please do keep us informed as well.

    Best Louis

  • I've the same problem. 2.6 didn't fix it.

  • I've upgraded to 2.8.6 and switched out the riser card. Exact same behavior.

  • Staff

    Thanks, bryan for letting us know. Unfortunately, gputool asks the driver to set the setting, and the driver is not doing it. Newer drivers did not help. So, it may not be possible to set those particular settings for that particular GPU. We are not able to ask the GPU or the drivers to do things they are not able to do - but hopefully some of the settings do work for you. Best Wishes!

  • Staff

    " (it is a read-only attribute)." is the big clue here. It appears the driver is unable to set these values on these cards. Why that is I cannot say.

  • So strange - that's a change in behavior. You used to be able to set all the GPU vars without issue. Thanks for your help!


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