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Libertarian Hotspot the Free Keene Project Bolsters More Crypto-Adoption

  • Staff

    Libertarian Hotspot the Free Keene Project Bolsters More Crypto-Adoption

    The Free Keene Project, a growing community of libertarians and cryptocurrency proponents, has announced the region now has a dentist, Indian restaurant, hair salon, and vape shop that accept cryptocurrencies.

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    The Free Keene Project Manages to Persuade a Slew of Mom-n-Pop Shops to Accept Cryptocurrencies

    New Hampshire is widely known as the ‘free state’ for its lack of taxation, and the growing number of libertarians moving there to make the region live up to its motto ‘live free or die.’ Furthermore, areas like Keene are well known for being very cryptocurrency friendly with a multitude of merchants, bitcoin radio ads, and BTMs. More recently the Free Keene Project’s blog revealed the group has been pushing digital asset adoption like crazy, and this week the website announced they have managed to get a slew of mom-n-pop businesses to accept BTC and Dash.

    “Longtime readers here know that Keene and Portsmouth New Hampshire are two hotspots in the world of cryptocurrency,” explains the Free Keene Project. “Though real-life crypto usage is not all about delicious handmade pizza, BBQ, Indian food, burgers, or alcoholic beverages that you can buy with crypto in downtown Keene, it’s also about products and services.”

    <figure id="attachment_193150" style="width: 481px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Libertarian Hotspot the Free Keene Project Bolsters More Crypto-Adoption

    <figcaption class="wp-caption-text">The Free Keen Project says, “Keene defeats major cities in per-capita businesses accepting crypto.”</figcaption>


    Vape Shop & Dental Work

    The libertarian group explains the region’s new vape shop, Lineage Vapors, is accepting BTC and Dash for any of the store’s products. Additionally, the Curry Indian Restaurant which serves Pakistani and Indian cuisine seven-days-a-week will be accepting the two cryptocurrencies as well. The blog post also notes that the digital currencies will also help the Indian restaurant’s owners send remittances to their family members without using a third-party institution.

    <figure id="attachment_193154" style="width: 551px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Libertarian Hotspot the Free Keene Project Bolsters More Crypto-Adoption

    <figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Dr. Drower accepts BTC and Dash for dental services.</figcaption>


    The free state crew of libertarians further detail that people can use digital currencies for dental services and the resident office of Dr. Drower Dentistry will be accepting cryptocurrency-paying patients. “For digital coin to become useful in everyday life people need to be able to use it as currency, for something besides speculative investing.”

    Automotive Work, Pizza, and a New Hairstyle

    Libertarian Hotspot the Free Keene Project Bolsters More Crypto-AdoptionThe free state continues to help push the ideas of liberty across the land and many of the residents believe cryptocurrencies will be one of the tools that can help circumvent the state. The Free Keene Project also details that many of the businesses work with a Portsmouth-founded merchant point-of-sale crypto processor called Anypay.global. The area also has a bunch of other merchants like Little Zoe’s Pizza that accepts digital assets for pies and people in need of car repair can use cryptos at Wilder Automotive.

    Additionally, the Free Keene Project says that Main Street’s Moda Suo, a hair salon that accepted BTC in the past using merchant services through Coinbase, is now dropping them and switching to Anypay’s point-of-sale system. Moda Suo’s owner Nicholas Sansone will now accept BTC and Dash payments for services.

    What do you think about the Free Keene Project getting so many merchants to accept cryptocurrencies? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

    Images via Pixabay, and the Free Keene Project blog.

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