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BCH PLS: Lil Windex Earns 1 Million Views for “Bitcoin Ca$h” Video

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    BCH PLS: Lil Windex Earns 1 Million Views for "Bitcoin Ca$h" Video

    **Canadian rap artist Lil Windex has scored a legitimate, platinum hit with his track “Bitcoin Ca$h”. In only four months since its drop, the video has passed 1,000,000 views on Youtube alone – not counting downloads or streams. His accomplishment is particularly impressive because he managed to succeed in an extended crypto bear market. **

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    Lil Windex Racks Up 1 Million Views for “Bitcoin Ca$h”

    Ephin recording artist Lil Windex has a cool one million views on Youtube for his track “Bitcoin Ca$h”. Not only is it among the most popular videos related to Bitcoin Cash, but the song is a hit for cryptocurrency in general.

    The foul-mouthed, wiry rapper is in his mid 20s and part of a burgeoning underground rap scene in Canada. He routinely scores Youtube views in the millions, and though “Bitcoin Ca$h” has done pretty great numbers it is by no means close to his biggest.

    BCH PLS: Lil Windex Earns 1 Million Views for "Bitcoin Ca$h" Video

    Lil Windex achieved his latest feat by embracing the crypto world, in particular bitcoin cash (BCH). It’s particularly admirable because he is for sure not riding a price or enthusiasm wave to success. In fact, it would not be controversial to insist his single about BCH was dropped at exactly the worst time in months, smack in the middle of an extended bear market known in the ecosystem as Crypto Winter.

    Yet despite ill timing and taking on a rather obscure topic, Lil Windex has broken through, it’s also safe to assume, to an entirely new audience. The risk has paid off, gaining him many views and listens, and also attention. He’s been interviewed and profiled in these pages, the business press, and even Vice. That’s almost the very definition of a crossover: he’s able to appeal to a broad spectrum.

    BCH PLS: Lil Windex Earns 1 Million Views for "Bitcoin Ca$h" Video

    Not Booking a Flight to Stockholm Any Time Soon

    It would not be disrespectful to predict the rapper won’t follow in Bob Dylan’s footsteps by accepting a Nobel Prize for his lyrical genius. Other than a club tour, he’s unlikely to be invited to Stockholm any time soon. To wit, the song begins:

    “Bitch, I got that Bitcoin cash (Bitcoin cash)
    Yeah, you could say I got them big boy racks (them big boy racks)
    They, say Windex how you live like that (how you live that that)
    How, you make the foreigners whip like that (how they whip like that)
    Cause, bitch I said I got that Bitcoin cash”

    BCH PLS: Lil Windex Earns 1 Million Views for "Bitcoin Ca$h" Video

    The track continues by telling a rags to riches story in the classic sense:

    “I wasn’t always that rich, I started out broke
    Washing them windows, my job was a joke
    Asking my homies to cough up a smoke, couldn’t even afford me some socks without holes
    Then one summer day I walked up to a car with, a squeegee already, I stopped cause I saw
    A guy on his phone with a app that was called, Bitcoin cash so I asked what it’s all
    About, and he said If I wanted to learn then he will teach me
    Just meet him on Robson and 3rd
    At 5 the next day, said ‘find me, okay?’ and the light had turned green, he was driving away; I left work early and went back to my tent
    Just thinking about all that that man had said
    Will this be the end of my miserable life?
    Will I be that guy that gets rich overnight?”

    From there, the two meet up where Lil Windex is regaled with all the advances bitcoin cash has to offer, which also works as a quick introduction to crypto:

    “The guy was there waiting, said ‘Get ready to start’
    He pulled out his laptop and brang up the site
    Looked at me and said, ‘This’ll change your whole life’
    Then he started explaining the basics to me
    The miners make money by taking a fee every time a transaction is made and complete
    And they work every minute and day of the week
    A guy named Satoshi created this all, he’s the mastermind of it; the brain and the balls
    There’s a lot more to say, but before I begin, just tell me right now if you’re out or you’re in
    I said ‘fuck yeah man, I’m ready in here'”

    Going forward, what the cryptocurrency world will eventually look like, having had Lil Windex onboard a new generation of enthusiasts, is anyone’s guess. But at least two things will hold true in a Lil Windex inspired future: there’s sure to be a lot of gold and a whole lotta ink.

    **What’s your take on Lil Windex and his paean to cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comments section below. **

    _Images via Pixabay, Twitter. _

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